Frequently Asked Questions about MotoQuest Rentals


How do I get a detailed price quote or check motorcycle availability?

    • Select your preferred pickup location (Los Angeles, CA  | Portland, OR | Anchorage, AK)
    • Click the “Request a Booking!” button
    • Enter all the information you can provide about you, your planned adventure, and submit the form.
    • MotoQuest will be in touch as soon as possible with availability and a quotation. Requesting a booking is no obligation and provides our team with the necessary information to check availability and generate detailed pricing. The rental is not confirmed until you pay a deposit towards your reservation quote to create a reservation

Why does MotoQuest want renters to submit a rental request online?

  • It helps our customer service team understand your needs and match the right bike to you. If there are additional concerns or questions, we can communicate with you to adjust your quote accordingly. It also verifies that you have read and understand our Terms and Conditions before requesting a booking. 

Is my quote the same as a reservation?

  • Not yet. A quote is not a confirmed reservation. No commitment has been made by you or by MotoQuest until a deposit has been received and a reservation issued showing the deposit paid against it.
  • MotoQuest books on a “first come, first serve” basis, dependent on deposits received. Requesting a quote does not in and of itself reserve a spot on our schedule.

 Are the motorcycles pictured on the website identical to the motorcycle I will pick up?

  • The motorcycle you rent may vary by color, year, and/or accessories to the motorcycle pictured on our website. Our customer service team is happy to address specific questions with detailed information about our motorcycles before and after you make a reservation. 
  • All MotoQuest rental motorcycles come with hard panniers.

Does my personal motorcycle insurance cover my rental?

  • Your personal motorcycle insurance may cover rentals. Contact your insurance agent prior to the start of your rental if you would like exact coverage information.
  • All MotoQuest rentals are charged a mandatory $15 USD per day Level 1 Damage Waiver (L1DW). This is what is required for the motorcycle to be legal on the road and is required regardless of any private insurance held by the renter. The L1DW limits the financial liability to the renter regarding damage or theft of the motorcycle in accordance to our Terms and Conditions. 
  • Additional reductions in liability are available through MotoQuest.

What are the rental requirements?

  • 21 years of age or older
  • 3 years riding experience on the same size motorcycle
  • Damage/security deposit based on the model being rental to be authorized on a credit card, no debit cards accepted.
  • Valid motorcycle license 
    • United States driver’s license must display a motorcycle endorsement that permits the rider to operate a two-wheeled motorcycle of similar or larger engine size than the motorcycle you are renting. 
    • International riders must adhere to the same licensing and engine size restrictions as their home country.
    • For licenses with non-Roman script, MotoQuest recommends but does not require a valid International Driving Permit. Click here for more information. 

How long does it take for the my damage/security deposit to be released?

  • The damage/security deposit is charged as an authorized hold when you begin your rental. Your card’s issuing bank is responsible for the release of funds. Most holds take 7-10 business days to release your funds. Contact your card’s issuing bank for specific information. MotoQuest has no influence on the financial institution to release funds.

Am I guaranteed to pick up the model of motorcycle I paid for? 

  • Since our schedule is rigid, we do not intentionally overbook our equipment which helps us ensure the motorcycle model you have reserved is the one you will pick up. This model guarantee is complimentary, but this is why we take deposits and balances to hold the motorcycle on our rental schedule. 
  • On extremely rare occasions, there may be an incident which prevents us from being able to uphold this expectation. A MotoQuest agent will reach out to the rider as soon as possible to offer alternative models or a refund. 

What luggage is included or available with my rental?

  • All MotoQuest rental motorcycles come with hard panniers with no extra charge. Adventure touring models utilize Pelican iM2600 cases. Sport touring models are equipped with factory panniers. Top cases are available upon request. 

Does the motorcycle have a power outlet to power a peripheral device?

  • Every MotoQuest rental motorcycle has an SAE wiring harness attached to the battery. Renters are welcome to utilize the SAE connector for their own heated gear or USB chargers. Avoid draining the battery: disconnect attachments when the motorcycle engine is not running. 
  • If you have a different battery connector that you would like to use, our mechanics will attach it to the battery for you.
  • BMW motorcycles also have the BMW 5 volt proprietary outlet available. 
  • Suzuki motorcycles also have a 12 volt outlet available. 

What models offer adjustable seat heights?

  • The following motorcycles have adjustable seat heights:
    • BMW R1200 RT
    • BMW R 1250 GS

Does MotoQuest provide tools?

  • Each motorcycle comes with the basic manufacturer tool kit. If you have a motorcycle toolkit that you like to use, we encourage you to bring it.

Which tire repair kits does MotoQuest recommend?

  • Good news: All motorcycle models presently offered have tubeless tires! Simple punctures can often be resolved with rope-style plugs and re-inflating the tire. We strongly recommend riders bring a tire inflator which connects to battery tender harness pressure gauge and air compressor. You may want to pick up a rope style tire repair kit from any auto parts store when you get into town, as the mushroom style is not as effective. And don’t forget your tire pressure gauge.

What happens if there is a mechanical issue during my rental?

  • First, make sure you are someplace safe, then call us at 1-800-756-1990 so we can work with you for a solution. Every situation is different, so there is no one-size fits all response.
  • 24 hour roadside assistance through Encore is included in your rental which is helpful for a tow, electrical jump starts, emergency fuel delivery, and basic tire puncture repairs. MotoQuest covers the first $200 of services. Be aware that it may take hours, and in more remote locations even longer, for assistance to get to you.

Does MotoQuest supply a GPS or phone mount?

  • Customers may supply their own GPS units and handlebar mounts for fitment to rental motorcycles by MotoQuest staff prior to departure.
  • All BMW R1200 RT motorcycles are fitted with cradles for the Zumo 660/ BMW NAV series. RT models do not accommodate handlebar RAM phone mounts. 
  • Renters are welcome to supply their own GPS units. 
  • Renters on adventure touring models are welcome to supply their own RAM handlebar mount.

Can friends renting from MotoQuest on the same trip swap bikes?

  • They may, on the condition that each friend signed the other’s rental contract as an Additional Rider and provide a valid license with motorcycle endorsement. Doing so confirms that they are a party to the terms of the rental contract and comply with all applicable MotoQuest requirements and limitations. Only those riders signing the contract prior to departure of the rental and provide a valid license with motorcycle endorsement are permitted to operate MotoQuest’s equipment.

Does MotoQuest rent trikes? 

  • Not at this time. Our shop space is limited, and three-wheeled motorcycles tend to require more room than 2 motorcycles combined. 

Do I have to wear a helmet?

  • MotoQuest requires riders and passengers on our motorcycles to wear a DOT approved helmet independent of state law. 

Does MotoQuest rent riding gear (helmets, gloves, jackets, etc)?

  • We may have a few loaner jackets available at our Los Angeles, Portland, and Anchorage locations for round trip rentals, but because we cannot guarantee availability, we strongly recommend riders supply their own gear for comfort and safety. 

Can I ship my gear ahead of time?

  • Absolutely! Many renters ship their gear to the MotoQuest facility where they are picking up their motorcycle. Our customer service team will leave the box sealed for you to open upon arrival unless otherwise directed. 

Can children ride as passengers?

  • A parental or guardian liability waiver signature is required for all passengers under 18 years of age. All passengers must be able to rest their both feet on the appropriate passenger footpegs while sitting on the pillion seat. 

What happens if I have to cancel?

  • MotoQuest recommends all riders protect their financial situation by purchasing travel insurance on their rental package with MotoQuest and accompanying logistics with a trip insurance policy through Travel Guard. MotoQuest is not responsible for a participant’s inability to attend a rental due to any circumstance whether it be health, family or environmental.
  • MotoQuest does not sell trip insurance.
  • MotoQuest rentals must be canceled in writing to our email address [email protected]. Please include your full name and reservation number.
    • Cancellations initiated by the rider with more than 30 days notice, deposit and any balance payments are nonrefundable but fully transferable to another invoice with MotoQuest within one year.
    • Cancellations initiated by the rider with less than 30 days notice, deposit and balance are forfeited as a cancellation fee.
    • Cancellations initiated by the rider during the rental will not result in any refund or credit. No refunds or credits for early returns.

Can I change my rental dates?

  • Rental reservations can be changed outside of 30 days subject to availability and approval.

How do I give the gift of a MotoQuest rental to someone else?

  • Email [email protected] or call us at 1-800-756-1990 in the US, or 1-907-272-2777 international.

Any mileage limits?

  • Our only mileage limits pertain to renters traveling North of the Arctic Circle in Alaska. Riders must not travel more than 300 miles per day on the Dalton Highway. Minimum Arctic Ocean bound rental from Anchorage is 6 days.

What additional charges could there be?

  • Arctic Circle and Ocean in Alaska – Renters traveling North of the Arctic Circle in Alaska must disclose their intentions before departing and pay the Dalton Highway Surcharge of $600. Failure to disclose travel North of the Arctic circle will result in complete loss of the Damage Security Deposit.
  • One-Way – Surcharge of $100 if the motorcycle rental starts at one MotoQuest facility and ends at another.
  • Delivery/Retrieval – Surcharge varies and is added if we have to transport the motorcycle to facilitate a rental.
  • Rough Terrain – Surcharge varies and will apply if the motorcycle will be ridden off Department of Transportation (DOT) maintained roads. Please note that insurance does not cover any damages which occur off of a DOT maintained road. Failure to disclose travel off of DOT maintained roads will result in complete loss of the Damage Security Deposit.
  • Specialty Tires and Installation – Surcharge varies and only applies if requested.
  • Taxes – California locations charge the local tax rates, which seem to increase often. There is no sales tax if you depart from Portland, OR or Anchorage, AK.

What discounts does MotoQuest offer?

  • Transporter specials: From time to time MotoQuest needs a motorcycle relocated from one location to another in a timely fashion. We like to offer these riding opportunities to the public at heavily reduced rates as an incentive to get motorcycles moved on schedule. Click here to sign up for our newsletter and be among the first to find out about our Transporter Specials.
  • Off-season rental pricing is available October-February at our Portland and Long Beach locations. 
  • Active duty US military personnel are eligible for a 5% discount on rental pricing. Verification must be provided prior to payment.
  • Groups renting five or more motorcycles from MotoQuest for longer than seven days may qualify for discounted pricing. Call us at 1-800-756-1990 in the US, 1-907-272-2777 international, or email [email protected] for specific pricing for your group.