About Us

MotoQuest is made up of partially-sedentary and semi-nomadic motorcycle-passionate people living all over the world. “MotoQuest” the brand came into being after founder Philip Freeman, with the help and backing of like-minded souls, decided to expand internationally.

Philip started MotoQuest in 1998 basing out of Girdwood, Alaska as a regional tour and rental interest initially called Alaska Rider Tours. His dream was to share the grandeur of his home state of Alaska with fellow motorcycle riders. Staged in front of a cabin in the woods and armed with only three used motorcycles, a tarp stretched between trees and a husky dog, to ward off meandering bears, the initial “Headquarters” was decorated “rustic”. The motorcycle tours criss-crossed Alaska and were primarily camping format.

After seven years as sole proprietor and with a few international tours now under his belt, Freeman partnered with Bill Weil, whom he met on an Alaska Rider Tours trip. Over a beer and a handshake they decided to go global, “MotoQuest” the international adventure company was born.

Through luck, providence, or just by the nature of passionate motorcyclists meeting each other, Phil and Bill met and joined forces with the two future managing partners: Brenden Anders and Kevin Hagerty. Together, the four partners had a vision of providing top-shelf motorcycle rentals and tours in the USA and organized motorcycle tours worldwide.

In the years since, MotoQuest has become much more than just a seasonal motorcycle tour company in Alaska with a few forays to far-off lands. MotoQuest now has four motorcycle rental locations spanning the west coast of North America, allowing riders from all over the world to rent at any one location for round trip or one-way excursions. The MotoQuest fleet of motorcycles ranges from sport touring units to single cylinder dual-sports, with an emphasis on touring-style adventure motorcycles of all makes.

MotoQuest’s organized tours now run all through the year, in over 20 countries. Tours range from 7 to 17 days in length, and focus on motorcycle-centric events, bucket-list items, or extremes on the map. Tours run the gamut of adventure with lodging ranging from cushy to spartan, and from easy to technical riding depending on the location. Custom tours have become an integral part of MotoQuest’s repertoire, and we have been taking custom groups to unique destinations all around the world.

The MotoQuest team encompasses riders from all over the world, with a core USA-based staff who not only drink the kool-aid, but live the motorcycle travel lifestyle on their days off. We love off-the-beaten-path boutique hotels, paved and dirt riding surfaces, out-of-the-way points of interest and real-life experiences with locals. Our most important values are rider safety and helping our riders create memories that will last a lifetime.

Our motto is simple: Small Groups, Big Adventures. It’s what sets us apart and it’s what makes our guided motorcycle tours so special. If you’ve ever dreamed of riding a motorcycle somewhere, then we want to make it happen. What could be better than that?!