Rent a BMW R 1250 GS motorcycle from MotoQuest and start making memories. MotoQuest offers late model BMW R 1250 GS units for hire from its three rental locations: Anchorage, Alaska, Portland, Oregon, and Long Beach, California. Explore the entire western portion of North America, from Alaska to Baja and everything in between. Alaska? Check. Canada? Check. Highway 1? Why not. Baja? Sure. With a BMW R 1250 GS , and map and some time, your adventure awaits.

Motorcycle Info
Make: BMW
Model: R 1250 GS
Engine Displacement: 1254cc
Range: 225 miles
Standard Seat Height: 870 / 850 mm | 34.3 / 33.5 inches
Low Seat Height: 840 / 820 mm | 33.1 / 32.3 inches
Luggage Options: Panniers
Tours Available: Array
Rental Locations Available: Array
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