One of the advantages of riding a motorcycle is the enhanced connection to the world around you. There’s something about throwing a leg over your bike, firing it up, and letting out the clutch that seems to heighten the senses. This seems to be true for riders who commute or cruise around town just as much as for riders that embark on epic weeklong adventures around the globe. Riding a motorcycle helps us to pay attention and appreciate the beauty at every turn.

This sentiment is very much present on one guided MotoQuest ride in particular: our Pacific Coast Highway Adventure. PCH is an iconic stretch of road and is reason alone for many motorcyclists to flock to the west coast. But we don’t just ride up the coast!

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As with all of our trips, we strive to offer our riders something more – back roads they might not otherwise ride, places they may not otherwise think to visit, sights they might not otherwise see.

Our Northbound PCH Adventure starts at our Southern California headquarters near Los Angeles. From here we enjoy some incredible back roads and mountain twisties as we make our way through the California deserts into the forests of Sequoia National Park, Kings Canyon National Park, and Yosemite National Park.

After these first few days of overwhelming natural beauty, we head over to the Northern California coast by way of the Golden Gate Bridge. From here we will work our way up to our eventual destination of Portland, Oregon, but not before riding through and staying in some quaint coastal villages along the California and Oregon coast. Old growth redwoods, historic lighthouses, and warm meals await on this Surf ‘n Turf style tour!

This is a unique trip. It highlights one one of the most sought-after riding roads on the West Coast, second only to Route 66. The Pacific Coast Highway Adventure also puts riders in a wide array of natural environments, from the stark and arid deserts of Southern California to the rainforests of the Pacific Northwest. How’s that for stimulating the senses?

The adventure begins on April 28, 2018.