The Honda Africa Twin made its highly anticipated debut last year and in that moment we at MotoQuest knew the bike belonged in our fleet. Kevin Hagerty recently put the bikes to the test as he led the Orange County Dualies through the harsh Alaskan landscape. Here is Kevin’s honest review of how the Honda Africa Twin stood up after a season on the famous Denali Highway.

“MotoQuest, like most of the ADV community, waited with anticipation for the much heralded re-introduction of the Honda Africa Twin in 2016. The hype was heightened by delivery delays based on environmental issues in Japan. Finally the Africa Twins started hitting the shores early fall of 2016 and the magazines were all lined up for their initial ride impressions complete with feet up powerslides, and roost.”

“MotoQuest had a few of the Africa Twins on order and we were excited once we took delivery to finally see them in person. We have learned through experience not to get too excited about any new model until we have an Alaska season under our belt.”

“We can say now after a full season, that the harsh environment truly puts a bike of this nature through the paces. Rough roads, severe weather changes, miles of two track trails and roads all while dodging moose, mosquitos and RV’s. In other words fun in our own backyard….. Alaska.”

“The bikes performed mechanically as one would expect from Honda. The ride comfort and ergonomics were also up to par. The bike when pushed in a two track setting performs excellent, the ability to “steer” with your legs is a welcomed attribute. Our bikes are all manual transmissions and the powerband is predictable and adequate. As with our entire fleet, the bikes are outfitted with crash bars, skid plates, brush guards, headlight protectors, and Pelican panniers. These accessories not only protect the bike but, do yeoman’s duty providing another layer between the rider and the riding surface.”

“This machine is a delight to ride whether on the chip seal surfaces of the Denali Highway or the tarmac of the Alcan. Eight to ten hours in the saddle is very doable and you can go multiple days with minimal discomfort.”

“To be fair we have had a couple issues that recur. The fork seals are a constant source of attention and all of our machines have had fork seals replaced at least once. Another area of concern is the casting that facilitates footpeg mounting. This component also serves as a housing for rear brake actuation and if the bike goes down it takes the brunt of the force transmitted through the footpegs. Availability of spare parts has been an issue at times. The aforementioned footpegs and mounting casting have been backordered for awhile along with handlebars for the Africa Twin. These parts availability issues will likely be resolved in time as this marvelous machine gains even further acceptance with the Adventure crowd.”

“A few things we look forward to seeing in the future on this bike would be electric grips, tubeless spoked wheels and cruise control, either mechanical or electronic. Overall this is a great addition to our fleet and our customers enjoy riding it. We look forward to expanding our fleet with the addition of a few more Alaska Twins.” -Kevin Hagerty

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