Having a basic strategy for traveling with your belongings will make your trip much more enjoyable, and will minimize the possibility that you find yourself in need of a particular item. Below are some tips for what to take on the bike with you and what to leave in your bag that will travel on the support truck.

On the motorcycle in a small dry bag or in the panniers, you want to have with you anything you might need during the day and anything you need immediately upon arrival at our nightly destination. The goal is to have the support truck stay with us at all times, but breakdowns happen both for motorcycles and the truck that may cause delays. Carry with you the layers needed for layering up and down, extra gloves, a rain suit, water, snacks, important documents and any critical medications. Also consider carrying a comfortable pair of shoes, your toiletries and a change of clothes. And of course a camera! The reason being that if you arrive at the end destination before the support truck arrives, you will have everything you need to take off your riding gear, get cleaned up and start relaxing. When the truck arrives you can then get your larger bag, pack away anything you don’t need and trade out anything new you want to keep with you on the bike. This strategy works well for most riders.

Pack all of your riding gear and items to be with you on the motorcycle into one large bag. When you pack your bike you can then leave this bag at headquarters. Pack all of the items going on the support truck into one large bag.

  • Passport
  • Photocopy of passport stored in different location
  • Driver’s license
  • Photocopy of driver’s license stored in different location

Riding Gear

  • Full face helmet with pinlock or fog resistant shield (MQ staff use Klim TK1200 Modular Helmets)
  • Multiple pairs of riding gloves with finger squeegee
  • Mid­weight
  • Heavy­weight
  • Waterproof overgloves
  • Riding jacket with armor (we recommend the Klim Artemis or Klim Badlands Pro jackets)
  • Riding pants with armor (we recommend Klim’s Artemis or Badlands Pro pants)
  • Over the top rain suit
  • Tall waterproof riding boots that are also comfortable for walking
  • Thick wool socks for riding
  • Bandana
  • Neck buff or gaiter
  • Sunglasses, case and cleaner
  • Ear plugs (not in India you need to be able to hear horns!)
  • Ziploc slide top bags ­ gallon & quart

Other Clothes

  • Pant layers
  • Torso layers
  • Smart wool or cold weather leggings
  • Quick dry pants
  • Smart wool or cold weather base layer
  • Quick-dry shirts
  • Fleece or thermal vest/jacket
  • Warm, comfortable clothes for after riding
  • Warm hat, stocking cap for after riding
  • Comfortable shoes for after riding
  • Enough clothes, socks and underwear for the length of your trip!

Other Items

  • Waterproof duffel bag to carry your clothes and non­essentials on the truck
  • Small daypack for walking around town
  • Camera + batteries and memory cards
  • Medicines
  • Toiletries
  • Pain reliever, allergy, antacid, etc.
  • Prescriptions
  • Soap, shampoo, conditioner (not all lodging provides these)
  • Toilet paper and moist wipes
  • Nail clippers, razors, other grooming
  • Headlamp for around camp
  • Sunblock: skin and lips
  • Cash, spread out among luggage to prevent loss
  • Credit card, tucked away somewhere safe

Remember, the support truck carrying your luggage might not always arrive at the destination when you do. Have the items with you on the bike that you might need at that time. Happy packing and happy riding!