We recently asked ourselves, “What makes MotoQuest unique?” Who better to answer that than our founder, Phil Freeman, who penned a personal letter to you, our riders. You’ll also be able to learn more about us in a new video that showcases the incredibly personal nature of our adventures.

Here’s Phil…

Over the years we have seen the most breathtaking sights and met some of the most incredible people the world has to offer. And while those adventures themselves have provided memories that will last a lifetime, what’s left a more lasting impact is our ability to share these experiences with you, the enthusiast.

Our guides, from myself to Kevin Hagerty and Dan Patino, who you’ll hear from in the video, aren’t just there to lead the pack. We’re here to be your personal resource for the adventure that lies ahead. You’ll hear directly from us – frequently and often more than two months prior to departure – where you’ll gain intimate knowledge about every aspect of your ride, while also getting to know your guide on a personal level. When it’s time to embark on your adventure you’ll feel like your guide is another friend along for the journey.

Phil Freeman

Once we’re on the road, we go the extra mile to incorporate a local guide into the tour staff. We go to great lengths to develop our adventures based on local knowledge, and we’ve discovered there’s no better way to experience these destinations like a local than riding alongside one. Any tour can take you to popular sites and tourist traps, but our adventures focus on going off the beaten path, visiting hidden gems, and allowing you to become immersed in the history and culture of our destination. That’s where our local guides, in combination with our staff, become an invaluable part of the tours.

Dan Patino

We’re just like you. We love to ride. We love the freedom of being on two wheels and the opportunities for exploration that come along with it. Because of that, we want you to have the best and most transformative experience possible whenever you make the choice to join us on one of our adventures.

While we recognize there are other options for you to consider, we make a concerted effort to separate ourselves and provide you with the personal connection that taps into the camaraderie of motorcycling. This is arguably the defining element of what makes MotoQuest unique. Everything about what we do, from these newsletters, to the planning of our adventures, the preparations for our tours, and the adventures themselves, is with you in mind. To us you’re not a customer, you’re a special guest that has the chance to share in this life-changing experience alongside us. We look at ourselves as a family, and you’re a very important member of that family.

MotoQuest Group Photo

Our hands-on approach begins with our commitment to matching you with the elements that will give you the most rewarding experience, whether that’s for one of our scheduled adventures or a rental in which you plan to chart your own adventure. We take the time to find the right experience or destination for you based on your skill level and style preference, and we make sure to pair you with the ideal bike for the journey you’ve chosen. When it comes to our rentals, we go the extra mile to provide route consultation, tapping into our wealth of knowledge to curate a memorable trip.

The MotoQuest philosophy is to “Ride your own ride,” with an emphasis on having the most memorable and fun experience possible. That puts safety at the forefront of everything we do, and the moment you reserve a spot on one of our adventures you’re automatically enrolled into Global Rescue.

Winding Roads of MotoQuest

It’s hard to maintain a personal touch when groups get large, and that’s why we limit the number of motorcycles on our adventures to 12. We’ve discovered that a group in this size range is the sweet spot to get the most out of an adventure, and it’s an important and often overlooked element in providing guests with the most interpersonal experience possible.

Since these are adventures, we expect the unexpected. Should an out-of-the-box situation arise while on tour, we rise to the occasion. We thrive in what we call “Plan B” situations, and you could argue that our staff are the types of people who look forward to a challenge.

At the end of the day, we like to view ourselves as motorcycle enablers. It’s a rewarding addiction that can take you to places you never thought possible, and we take the initiative to be the facilitators on your behalf. The door is always open for an opportunity to ride with us. We hope you’re interested in walking through it.

What adventure are you interested in? What part of the world do you want to experience on two wheels? Get in touch with us and let’s talk about making that dream a reality!

Phil Freeman
Founder, MotoQuest
[email protected]
1 (907) 441-1944