Can anyone ever have enough motorcycle friends? We don’t think so.

There’s nothing like traveling by motorcycle to form a bond between folks who began a trip as complete strangers, and by the end of the journey have a slew of inside jokes, “You had to be there” stories, and are making plans for their next destination together. This is a huge reason why Phil Freeman started this business: he loves the camaraderie.

The MotoQuest Riding Buddy Matchmaking Program
(We might need a catchier name before we can trademark it.)

It often starts with a solo rider registering for one of our tours and opting for the shared occupancy option, may not have any friends who can join them on this trip, but doesn’t let that stop them. Eventually, another solo rider in a similar position does likewise. We pair them up in our lodging arrangements and let the magic happen on the road.

From time to time, we have solo guests who would like to be matched up with a roommate for upcoming adventures, but no opportunities present themselves. That’s why we have the MotoQuest Rider Board. We’ve been including it at the bottom of our newsletters, so if you’re the sort who is also inclined toward this experience/friendship experiment, make sure to keep an eye out for these handcrafted masterpieces of marketing.

This week, we’re dedicating the whole newsletter to the rider board for 2021 Alaska guided itineraries. Read on, good friend. Read on.

Welcome to the MotoQuest Rider Board:
We’re looking for…

One male rider to share a room with another solo male rider.

Alaska Kenai Peninsula
May 25 – 30, 2021

Available motorcycle options:
1 x Suzuki DL650 V-Strom Adventure
1 x BMW R 1250 GS

Our shortest all-paved itinerary which showcases the beauty of Alaskan harbor towns, snow capped mountains, and a variety of waterways. It is our only guided adventure which makes its way to America’s most westerly highway point. We spend two nights in Homer so participants can take in Kachemak Bay, join us for an optional out-ride, or take themselves on a fishing or bear watching excursion.

One solo rider with single occupancy or two riders sharing a room.

Best of Alaska
June 11 – 20, 2021

Available motorcycle options:
2 x BMW F 750 GS
2 x BMW F 850 GS

June 25 – July 4, 2021

Available motorcycle options:
1 x Suzuki DL650 VStrom Adventure
1 x BMW F 850 GS
2 x BMW R 1250 GS

This all-paved Alaskan adventure creates a loop around the state with a couple of dips into harbor towns. We spend two nights in Valdez so riders can explore beyond the motorcycle or join an optional out-ride.

One male rider to share a room with another solo male rider.

Prudhoe Bay Adventure
July 24 – August 2, 2021

Available motorcycle options:
Bring your own bike

Bring your dirt riding skills, because this dual sport adventure takes us up the infamous Dalton Highway, beyond the Arctic Circle, to the northernmost motorable point in North America. Road conditions on The Haul Road can be anything from chip seal, to slick, oily mud to deep gravel.

One male rider to share a room with another solo male rider.

Alaska Backcountry Explorer
August 6 – 15, 2021

Available motorcycle options:
1 x BMW F 750 GS

Looking for the most challenging dual sport adventure MotoQuest offers in Alaska? Here ya go! Water crossings, abandoned mining trails, and a variety of unpaved terrain are all on this itinerary.

Keep checking the end of our newsletters for more MotoQuest Rider Board updates! This could be how you meet your adventure buddy.