What is a Baja moment? You know those times when you’re looking over a natural desert landscape for miles in all directions and there is this palpable, tranquil feeling of solitude? The temperature is just right. You can’t hear another human sound. You may be on a beach with sand between your toes watching pelicans cruise silently by, or you may be watching the sun descend slowly over a wide expanse of cactus into infinity. 

A Baja moment is a bit of magic because it not only happens while you are there. It stands out because it can happen after or even before you go to Baja. It can be argued that it is a state of mind.

When we developed our Baja Backroads itinerary, we wanted to set our riders up for this moment. We wanted to take them just a little further off the beaten path and introduce them to distinct, out-of-the-way destinations like Coyote Cal’s and Mike’s Sky Ranch

We also wanted our riders to take a little time for themselves to adventure, so we planned two nights in Bahia de Los Angeles, just so you could opt to unwind, or explore. We spend so many of our days in a hurry throughout the year. Baja is a remedy to all of that.

Our Baja Backroads trip is not for the normal rider. 30% of the riding is on dirt surfaces and there is no denying that some stretches will be sandy. The accommodations are rustic. It is for those who want to experience the true solitude and beauty of a place that excels at making you relax and just take it all in

What will you be doing next October/November, when winter starts to show up in town? Perhaps a Baja moment is in your future…

Baja Backroads Adventure 

October 24, 2020 – November 3, 2020
October 23, 2021 – November 2, 2021

Phil Freeman cares so passionately about traveling to Baja, but knows people might have some reservations. With that in mind, we created the below video to put some hesitations to rest.