As avid motorcyclists, we think that ANYTIME is a great time to ride. Right now it’s a little tough to be spontaneous, but it’s also the perfect time to be a planner! 

We’ve been in the business of “motorcycle vacation enablers” for some time now and we recognized that there are plenty of riders that want to ride at their own pace. And it’s not just our four rental locations and comfortable motorcycle fleet that help excite the avid DIY adventurer. It’s our team.

After you’ve booked your rental with us, we set up a route consultation to ensure you’re hitting all the hot spots as well as hidden gems along the way. Want to stop at a winery? We’ve got you covered. What about something that’s been around for over 100 years. Yeah we’ve got that too.

It’s time to start narrowing in your “must haves” and give us a call. If you aren’t sure all that MotoQuest Rentals entail, check out Robyn “RoKo” Kocienski give a perfect breakdown in this video. (Be sure to make it to the bottom of this newsletter to hear about RoKo’s favorite place to explore.)


There are SO MANY OPTIONS when picking up a bike from our Los Angeles headquarters. Recently we had a Frenchman by the name of Paul Rdb take a self-guided adventure to many of the epic destinations that are not far from where he picked up his rental in L.A. He said a two wheel adventure to explore the landscape of the American West had been on his bucket list for years

For those of us who have been lucky enough to ride it, we know the hidden gems that are there to be found when exploring places such as Death Valley, Salton Sea, and Route 66. Maybe right now is the perfect time to start planning and picking your top destinations of the west! And may we also suggest taking a look at our feature on Wonders of the West and the American Southwest for more inspiration HERE.

Photos: Paul Rdb

You can also check out Paul’s Video from his days exploring HERE.



We can’t say enough about the roads that you’ll discover when making the trek east from Portland. Literally, we can’t stop, so last fall we had our friends up in the Pacific Northwest pin down their favorite rides from the shop, which you can find HERE. Below is one of Phil Freeman’s five day trips that will have you saying “that was an epic ride.”

Whether it’s Route 101 down the Oregon Coast, the Columbia River Gorge, Mt. Hood, or East of Cascade Mountains, the natural landscape is sure to take your breath away. 

Because we know you are curious when it comes to the cost of a rental, we’ve put together a few quotes to get you an idea. There are a few factors that come into play when creating your quote, so the best thing you can do is give us a call or hit that button that says I’D LIKE TO GET A RENTAL QUOTE and our motorcycle vacation enablers will be happy to get with you to quote exactly what you are looking for. They live to make your dream ride a reality. 

Getting To Know The Guides

Last week in our newsletter we asked you what you would most like to hear about from our guides. The numbers were very high for “What has been your favorite place to ride and explore?” And now that our enthusiastic guide and skilled motorcycle vacation enabler Robyn “RoKo” Kocienski is back from her trip through Baja, we quickly gave her the task of answering this seemingly hard question

Or was it really that hard…

So RoKo, what has been the favorite place to ride and explore?

Whatever is the most recent tour I’ve guided. 😎 I’m fresh off the Best of Baja Southbound tour, so I have to gush about this one. The adventure begins with the twisty roads of San Diego County into Baja California. We rode gorgeous curving tarmac as we passed farms and vineyards, magnificent cacti and rock formations, and along the Sea of Cortez. Missions, historical sites, gorgeous overlooks, and monuments were highlights where we stopped for photo opportunities and to soak in the culture. The friendly locals we encountered amplify my affection for this region.

Sunset over the Pacific Ocean was glorious in Ensenada. Slow and serene, the sunrise in Bahia de los Angeles can be an exercise in meditation worth waking up early for. Sometimes, you can even see dolphins playing at dawn. Right in the middle of the tour, we give ourselves a break from picking up and moving every day so we can get into a boat and meet some grey whales as they nurse their young, spy hop to check us out, and breach in the distance. We learned that grey whales love to party: the louder we sang to them, the more inclined they were to visit us. 

The tour concluded at an all-inclusive beachfront resort where the pool has a swim-up bar, the waves crashed nearby, and the cervezas and margaritas were cold and plentiful. We broke bread one last time, and said goodbye to all of our new friends the following morning. Not a bad escape from the winter blues.