“So, the other day, my right wrist started having involuntary twitches, and when I went to clear my throat, it made revving sounds. I called my doctor and they said I was suffering from Throttle Input Deficiency (TID) and should take a west coast motorcycle vacation right away.

“But how do I get a motorcycle on the west coast? That’s when my doctor told me about MotoQuest.

MotoQuest’s Wind Therapists are the leading specialists in curing TID and have modified procedures to include infection prevention and industrial hygiene practices.

Effects may be felt within 30 minutes of arriving at our office, the typical time it takes for you to sign the rental agreement and get oriented to your rental motorcycle while maintaining a safe distance. Although MotoQuest Wind Therapy is available over the counter, it is only available for those aged 21 or older..

MotoQuest Wind Therapy may become habit-forming. Side effects from MotoQuest Wind Therapy may include bugs in your teeth, an overwhelming sense of adventure, happiness, exploration of maintained dirt roads, and the occasional need to squeal with joy while riding on curvy roads.


Tight corners are known to relieve the discomfort of TID

“Now I’m feeling great and know what to do the next time my TID flares up. Thanks, MotoQuest!”

Contact our skilled Wind Therapists today to see if MotoQuest is right for you.