There is a stretch of road along the Pacific Ocean that can only be described as otherworldly. It’s as if the gods of motorcycling and geography got together over a cocktail, poured over a map and decided to make something truly unique. It borders on the realm of unbelievable. This morsel of fantastic road is a portion of the Pan-American Highway along the Peruvian coast.

Sheer cliffs, hairpin turns, vast sand dunes, crashing waves, and sparse traffic. Like we said, it’s as if it were created for the motorcycle traveler. During our Peru Machu Picchu Adventure, riders will spend a full day on this stretch of road. However you define a great road, we know this will quickly move to the top of the list.

Peru’s portion of Highway 1 stretches its entire border from Ecuador in the north to Chile in the south. As you climb out of Colca Canyon and jump on the highway you’re in for a treat with beautiful views.

We take our time winding the coast as there are many scenic stops along the highway, eventually stopping for the night in the coastal town of Chala. This is a great place to breathe in the crisp ocean air and grab some of the fresh seafood around.  

Of course, the adventure is called the Peru Machu Picchu Adventure, with the historical landmark being an important reason why our guests choose this trip. But as you scope out the itinerary, it becomes clear that the riding is nothing short of first-class and the Pan-American Highway is indeed a highlight. 

We constantly tell people that our Peru ride features the best road riding in the world. Once they experience it themselves, they heartily agree with us!

Come to Peru and experience this world-class ride for yourself. And get ready to pinch yourself because you will be one of the few that actually realize a rider’s dream to live the life of adventure.


April 6, 2020 – April 19, 2020
April 5, 2021 – April 18, 2021

This trip is very popular, so do not wait to sign up. Only 5 spaces remain for this fantastic motorcycle experience. 

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