We are beyond privileged to explore a lot of wonderful places around the world, but one destination that never gets old is our exploration of the Baja Peninsula. It’s so wonderful, in fact, we have five trips a year comprising of three different itineraries Traveling up and down the 775-mile strip of land is an unforgettable experience, and we’ve found the biggest adventures to be had and sites to behold come from taking our annual Baja Backroads trip.

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While the Baja Backroads trip isn’t for everyone, we didn’t want to shy away from creating an adventure that reaped big rewards for the sometimes challenging terrain that is faced. Riders have been tackling the peninsula for years, and we’ve fine-tuned an itinerary that is highly worthy of your time.

Baja Backroads

October 26, 2019 – November 5, 2019
October 24, 2020 – November 3, 2020

The adventure starts off at our Long Beach facility and snakes down some great backroads in San Diego County before making it across the Tecate border crossing. Waking up on the shores of the Sea of Cortez in San Felipe is breathtaking, and serves as the perfect way to start your trek to Bahia de Los Angeles. This coastal bay along the Gulf of California is special in its own right and we give riders a free day here either to enjoy more adventure or relax along the beach. 

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MotoQuest Baja Landscape

After spending a night along the Pacific Ocean at Coyote Cal’s, all dirt roads lead to the final stay at Mike’s Sky Ranch. This spot is very well known among motorcyclists, and for good reason. It’s a family-owned lodge that you can ride your motorcycle up to the check-in desk, and it’s equipped with a pool to relax in after a long day of riding. To top it off, they serve home-cooked meals for guests. It’s a gem for those eager to disconnect!

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With all of our experience in Baja, we know what questions often get asked about traveling south of the border. If you’re still not sure if Baja is right for you, or have some concerns of your own, we’ve asked MotoQuest founder Phil Freeman to weigh in on what has made Baja one of the most popular rides we run.

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Paved Baja adventures are also available

If a backroads adventure seems a little too off the beaten path for you, consider experiencing it with more on-road routes in 2020. We’ve picked some great times in February AND March, going Southbound and Northbound. Slots are filling quickly, so if these dates work for you, call or email us today!

Best of Baja (Southbound)

February 1, 2020 – February 10, 2020
March 1, 2020 – March 10, 2020

Best of Baja (Northbound)

February 13, 2020 – February 22, 2020
March 13, 2020 – March 22, 2020

MotoQuest Rental Location – Los Angeles, California

We understand that not everyone is about riding with a group or is able to join us on the dates we have selected, which is why setting up a MotoQuest round-trip rental at our Los Angeles rental facility and heading out on your own Baja adventure is the perfect next option.

With our Baja trip itinerary starting at our Los Angeles rental facility, it will make it easy for us to get you on some of the best roads down to Baja. During your route consultation, you can let us know if there are places on our itineraries that you’d like to explore or if there is something unique that we can point you to that might not make it on our group routes.


The options are endless when you start mapping out your DIY journey and when you rent with MotoQuest, our expert route consultants will make sure you enjoy your adventure to the fullest.