Spring Transporter Specials are Back!

It’s that time of year again! Our motorcycle fleet needs to relocate in order to get properly fitted for an array of adventures, and with this mass migration you have the chance to take your own adventure at a fraction of the cost.

MotoQuest Mountain and Bike

While we prep for the busiest stretch of our season, you get to reap the benefits of our beloved Transporter Specials. This limited window of opportunity presents our most affordable rental rates for some of the coolest adventure bikes and cruisers.

Want to throw a leg over a BMW R1200GS? You can do that for as little as $35 a day! What about the Honda Africa Twin? We got you covered for just $20 a day! These are the absolute lowest rental rates you’ll find anywhere for these bikes, and the best part is it sets up the perfect opportunity for you to take a mini-adventure along the West Coast.

MotoQuest PCH Twisties

While we have several interstate routes starting in April from each of our three continental hubs – the Southern California location in Long Beach, Bay Area spot on San Francisco’s Treasure Island and Pacific Northwest shop in Portland – we will also have a transporter leg to our Anchorage headquarters in Alaska from Long Beach and Portland for you to take advantage of beginning in May. To make things even more convenient, all three West Coast locations sit just a short drive from a major airport, so it’s incredibly easy for those of you outside of each area to catch a flight and take a quick cab ride to our shop to get your adventure started. When it’s time to make the trip back home, the Anchorage location is a stone’s throw from Ted Stevens Anchorage International Airport.

MotoQuest Spring 2019 Transporter Specials
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Southern California – Long Beach

Our SoCal location in Los Angeles County allows you to take a storied ride up the left coast. The iconic Pacific Coast Highway is a motorcycle rider’s dream, and is arguably one of the most incredible roads in all of North America. If you’re in need of some inspiration, look no further than our Pacific Coast Highway North Tour to give you a sense of what kinds of sites you’ll be able to see along the way.

These transport routes will get started as soon as April with our biggest and most diverse collection of motorcycles, so don’t waste a minute getting squared away with the bike of your choice!

MotoQuest BMW Long Beach

Bay Area – San Francisco

The setting of our San Francisco location is enough to get any rider excited about an adventure. Treasure Island sits at the midway point of the legendary Bay Bridge, providing you with breathtaking views of both the Golden Gate City and Oakland, nestled right in the middle of the San Francisco Bay. Transports from the Bay Area tend to be limited, but the fortunate few that book a rental will be in for an exceptional journey to Portland that will take you through epic national forests and mountain ranges across the Pacific Northwest, including routes that cut right through our Trail of Lewis and Clark adventure.

MotoQuest Riding Blur

Like we said, the San Francisco transports are the most limited of the bunch and take place throughout the month of May, so there’s no time to waste in booking your reservation!

Pacific Northwest – Portland

Our Portland shop serves as our gateway to Alaska. There are some seriously great bikes for interested riders to choose from, and the route is spectacular. You’ll be followed by Mt. Hood and Mt. Rainier throughout the first part of the journey before eventually reaching the world-famous Alaska Highway, which serves as the heart of our North to Alaska adventure and carries you all the way to Anchorage.

MotoQuest Rider Forest

The month of May has a myriad of opportunities to make a Portland transport, but spots are sure to fill up quickly.

You’ll want to book as soon as possible!

All of our Transport Specials include a start and end date, requiring that you complete the journey during this designated timeframe. No need to worry though. This is your own personal chance at adventure and we encourage you to explore, so the majority of the transports include a 14-day window where you’ll have plenty of time to take in the sights and experience the open road.

Keep in mind, Transport Specials are fluid, so be sure to keep an eye on the available routes by visiting the Transporter Specials page. These are first come, first serve opportunities. If you see a deal that’s too good to pass up, we highly suggest you act now!

MotoQuest PCH Ocean

All bookings for transporter opportunities start with clicking the “Request Now” link beside your preferred option on the Transporter Specials page. It’s the quickest and most efficient way to start your one-way ride to adventure. Time is of the essence with Transporter Specials, and we want nothing more than to expedite the process for you!

Ready to book your personal adventure? Get on it!