Salutations MotoQuestrians,

Looking for something to keep you entertained? Saddle up wherever you are and enjoy these home videos, courtesy of your favorite motorcycle vacation addiction enablers. In the interest of optimizing the total experience, our team has added a few suggestions for refreshments and viewing attire

Phil Freeman, MotoQuest founder, guide, and frequent videographer, has selected some of his favorite films from our YouTube channel, and he’s going to tell us a bit about the backstory of each one. 

Phil tells us, “Each video was filmed with the idea that no clip would be more than six seconds long, and would focus on food, camaraderie, funny stuff, and motorcycle travel shots. I basically wanted to take you through each day of the trip, so that by the time you are done watching the video, you feel like you had been there.” 

India Video Intro:

This one is of our 2014 India Touch the Sky Adventure. We were using Royal Enfield Bullets and Machismos then, single-cylinder 500s that were basically good at having 5 neutrals. We go up the epic Spiti River Valley and then top the three highest motorable passes in the world. Nowadays, we use the Royal Enfield Himalayan for this trip: a dual sport chassis 410 single, perfect for the job. The most dangerous thing in India (besides the chaos) is the scenery. 

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This video pairs well with:
Snack: Masala Munch
Beverage: Chai tea or Kingfisher beer
Attire: Linen pajamas

Ecuador Video Intro:

I lived in Ecuador for a year as an Exchange student in Quito and always wanted to come back. This video is of our scouting trip, so we had the right attitude people, but the bikes were hodge-podge. Nowadays, we use late model BMW F700 GS, BMW F 750 GS, BMW F800GS and BMW F 850 GS – perfect for the roads of Ecuador. I designed the trip alongside a local, Ernesto, who aided me in finding some incredible roads. We wanted to showcase the diversity of Ecuador in the ride, so get ready for scenery that ranges from cloud forest to beaches to glaciers to Amazon valley.

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This video pairs well with:
Snack: Patacones (fried plantain chips)
Beverage: Horchata tea or Pilsener
Attire: Anything on top as long as the bottoms are striped pajamas

Baja Video Intro:

This is one of the first Best of Baja trips we ever ran. My wingman was Lynn Brown, who had considerable experience riding there and helped us develop the trip. The day that everyone went whale watching in San Ignacio, I opted to do some scouting around the area, and went from seaside to 5,000 feet in the mountains. This should give you a good idea of some of the places we stay and the expansive scenery of the desert of Baja.

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This video pairs well with:
Snack: Tacos (fish, beef, or whatever you have that needs to get eaten soon)
Beverage: Topo Chico or Margarita
Attire: Tropical cocktail shirt and pajama bottoms

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