Anyone else in the northern hemisphere ready to start planning your end-of-winter getaway?

Say, “adiós invierno” from our Colombia Valleys of the Andes Adventure! MotoQuest invites you to take a break from the torment of recurring cold snaps to come ride a motorcycle while experiencing Colombia’s diverse ecosystems, vibrant culture, rich history, and stimulating caffeine.

Brenden Anders, MotoQuest General Manager, has been guiding tours of Colombia since 2015, making modifications to the itinerary each time. He’s especially excited about the current route planned for this adventure.

“I often find myself talking to other travelers about the difference between ‘airport hopping’ and true overland travel. You can fly into any international airport around the world, stay in the adjoining city and get a taste of the culture, history and cuisine, but it can sometimes feel like a watered down experience. What I really look forward to after arriving at any destination is hitting the road. It’s the smaller dots on the map between major cities that I think really define the country and expose you to the people that make any culture unique.”

“Traveling overland, visiting these small colonial towns and rural areas are the stand-out experiences during our Colombia Valleys of the Andes ride. Don’t get me wrong, Medellín and Cali are great, but if I have some extra time in Colombia I think you will find me in Salento, or Villa de Leyva, or even possibly eating fried ants at a roadside stand in Chicamocha Canyon.”

“In pursuit of world-class overland travel, our itinerary features a wonderful balance of quaint colonial towns and mid-sized modern cities, with just a dash of metropolitan population centers like Cali, the Salsa dancing Capital of the world. The locations we visit are scattered at varying elevations throughout the three cordilleras (or mountain ranges) of the Andes. You can imagine that this makes for some world class riding.”

Colombia Valleys of the Andes Adventure
March 14 – 26, 2021
March 13 – 25, 2022

Here’s a quick overview:

  • The package consists of 11 riding days (12 nights of lodging) included in base cost.
  • Arrive in Cali, Colombia no later than mid afternoon on March 14th, 2021. We recommend coming in at least one day early to acclimate and to account for potential flight or luggage delays. We can arrange additional lodging for you if necessary.
  • We will have a final farewell dinner in Cali, Colombia on March 25th, 2021 as a group.
  • Base package includes shared accommodation and a BMW F 750 GS for $7,500 USD.
  • Upgrades to single occupancy, BMW F 850 GS and BMW R 1250 GS available.