There is one thing we try to always encourage at MotoQuest and that is “don’t talk yourself out of an adventure.” We know there are a few hurdles that people face when considering if taking an adventure is right for them. Time, money, the uncertainty of where to go. We’ve heard them all. But the one we hear most often? “I need to get permission from my loved one.” (Can anyone relate?)

To counter that general hurdle, we want to interject a thought – your time on an adventure is more than just a vacation. Yes, you see amazing sights and visit incredible places, but it goes beyond that. As our group was recapping the past year, our founder Phil Freeman started to see a pattern with testimonials from riders. He kept hearing over and over that the adventures helped them in a therapeutic way. Whether it was to refocus or re-energize, he heard this repeatedly and one rider was even bold enough to admit that the trips he sets time aside for keep him sane. Their significant other must also know this to be true!

If you’re thinking about an experiential gift this holiday season and MotoQuest has been on your radar for a while, the last piece could actually be the “Gift of Permission” as we call it. That might mean allowing yourself a chance to get away, unplug and experience something new or that could mean giving the green light to the rider in your life that has been on the fence about moving forward with an adventure of a lifetime. Just think about what it could mean in the long term. 

Dedicated to You!

The MotoQuest staff prides itself on a lot of things. Their amazing go-kart skills. The way they can cram a zillion bikes into our Anchorage rental facility just after the May opening. BUT MOST OF ALL? Our customer service. 

(This is Kelly – She is a big part of our customer service team and loves to help people)

Our team is passionate about finding the right adventure for you. Tell us what you are looking for in an adventure and we can help navigate any hurdles in your path. And it’s not just our incredible team at the office in Long Beach that you could get a call from. Our founder Phil Freeman loves jumping on the phone to tell you all about the Lakes District on our Northern Patagonia Adventure or our Portland Rental Tech and Guide Ovi Puia is happy to tell you about all the beautiful riding in his home country of Romania that you’d experience on our Romaniacs Adventure

(This is Robyn aka RoKo. When she’s not guiding tours, she lives for finding the perfect adventure for you!)

At the end of the day, it’s all about the dialogue with our motorcycling friends and we encourage you to reach out to start a conversation. No strings attached. We may find that an adventure isn’t right for you, but maybe a motorcycle rental is. 

Speaking of Rentals…

We have a loyal fan base of MotoQuest rental customers and we attribute much of that to the level of customer service that goes into each rental (can you say route consultation?). But the switch from DIY renter to group adventure is sometimes a hard transition to make. Our DIY renters say they don’t want to feel like a duck in a row, staying in line at all times. And to that we say – Neither Do We!

MotoQuest isn’t about putting our riders in a box – what we are about is making sure you are safe and have fun. If you want to go off ahead of the group, we provide the details and coordinate the meeting point for later in the day – you can learn more about this in the video below. We have learned that being a little less regimented leads to a lot more fun by our riders. So no line of ducks here.

(A Three-Island Japan Adventure might be just what the doctor ordered)

The MotoQuest Difference

There are a lot of ways that set MotoQuest apart from other companies and we sat down with several of our staff to speak specifically to that. Phil talks about guests becoming apart of the MotoQuest family, what you get in an adventure and safety. Dan Patino talks about giving out his cell number to guests ahead of the ride and the togetherness he feels with his groups. Kevin Hagerty talks about the skills needed and the bonds that are formed. We are all about giving you the best experience. 

Are you ready to give the gift of permission and start a conversation?