Over the last few years, Japan has become one of the most popular MotoQuest destinations, and for good reason! There is a certain appeal to riding in Japan that makes each of our three unique trips worthy of any motorcyclist’s bucket list. Maybe it’s the warm and welcoming hospitality of the locals, or the incredible food that we get to eat, or maybe the inexplicable feeling you get when visiting an ancient temple or historical site.

Many people are surprised by the natural beauty. The nation’s proclivity to produce some of the world’s largest brands in the automotive and technology sectors might have you expecting to see nothing but bustling cities full of incandescent skyscrapers. While you will certainly find this in a metropolis like Tokyo, a vast majority of our tours are spent exploring the serene countryside, visiting sleepy fishing villages, or summiting tree-lined mountains.

But there is more to each of these adventures than just some scenic riding, although it’s hard to overstate how spectacular the riding is. Below we take a look at each of our guided adventures in Japan!

Hokkaido Explore Adventure

2018: June 4 – June 16  |  2019: June 3 – June 15

Dubbed “the Alaska of Japan,” the northern island of Hokkaido is a motorcyclist’s paradise. If you love to ride, this is the trip for you! Scenic routes are highlighted by stops at national parks, natural hot springs, steaming volcanoes, and more. Get ready for long days of riding open roads!

This tour is featured in the latest issue of RoadRunner Magazine! Click here to read a preview of the article and grab your print or digital copy for the full write-up!

Japan MotoGP Adventure

2018: October 9 – October 21  |  2019: October 15 – October 27

This is THE trip for race fans, with two full days spent at Twin Ring Motegi Raceway for MogoGP racing! The rest of the trip is filled with gorgeous mountain roads through the Japanese Alps, a visit to Mt. Fuji, beautiful fall colors, and much more!

If you haven’t been paying attention, this has been one of the craziest seasons in recent MotoGP memory! From the final lap theatrics in Qatar to the multiple penalties on Marquez in Argentina to the three-bike pile up this past weekend in Spain — it’s been one hell of a ride! And all that means is that Round 16 at Motegi will undoubtedly be worth the price of admission!


Click above to watch highlights from the Spanish Grand Prix this past weekend.

Japan Three Island Adventure

2019: March 30 – April 10  &  April 13 – 24

This trip features the best riding on the three main southern islands of Honshu Kyushu and Shikoku, including world-class cuisine, hot springs, cherry blossoms, Japanese history and culture, and motorcycle enthusiast stops!

Phil Freeman just wrapped this trip up last month, and if the photos and videos are any indication, it’s an absolute dream ride! Check out the recap on the MotoQuest blog and get your name on the list EARLY for one of our 2019 trips!