Adventurous motorcycle tourers excited to help us refine a fresh all-paved itinerary. Must appreciate long days in the saddle with a few U-turns, unstructured discovery time, road construction, warm beer, and potentially questionable lodging. High maintenance riders and cry babies should avoid this ride. It’s nothing but trouble, but that’s what makes it great!

This will not be your typical, organized motorcycle tour… and for some of you, it’s exactly what you need. Yes, there will be the usual tour accoutrements like a guide, support vehicle, welcome and departure dinners, and so on, but the guests for scouting trips need to be cut from a tougher stitch of cloth. Read on if you dare. 

An Invitation from Phil: “I would like to cordially invite you to join me on our New Year’s in Baja Scouting ride. We need hardy riders that are fine with adversity, and who are really good at having fun. Is that you? “

New Year Baja Scouting Adventure

December 24, 2020 – January 6, 2021

Check out the itinerary below:

Phil and crew will hit the highway from our Long Beach facility on the morning of December 25, so we don’t anticipate much traffic as Los Angeles County shrinks away in the rearview mirror. As usual, we plan to take the fun, curvy mountain roads. Here’s where it starts to deviate from our Best of Baja Adventure: rather than scoot from Ensenada directly to Bahia de los Angeles, we’re heading to San Felipe for a night and then riding south on the freshly laid tarmac covering Mexico 5 along the Sea of Cortez.

Ring in the New Year from La Paz! Expect to party like a local. We will spend two nights in town so guests can opt to spend the first day of the new year on a fun ride to and from Cabo.. or hang around La Paz for a little post-fiesta rest and relaxation.

Returning north, because this is a round-trip, we will spend a night in tranquil Mulege near the Sea of Cortez, and the next night amidst the vast desert landscape of Cataviña. Choose your own adventure on your way to Tecate: either take Mexico 5 along the Sea of Cortez again or ride the Pacific side on Mexico 1. We return to Long Beach, California to drop off the motorcycles, break bread one last time, and either go home or keep the dream alive by continuing your ride!

Are you in?