Rider Magazine writer Mark Tuttle joined us on our MotoQuest Japan Three Island Tour earlier this year and wrote a fantastic article about “The Real Japan.” Pick up the August 2016 issue and get a glimpse of this exotic motorcycle adventure.

MQ Inside

Here are a few excerpts:

“This once-a-year MotoQuest tour is timed around the “sakura,” when the country’s ubiquitous cherry trees briefly explode with light pink blossoms and lace the road and countryside with color…but only for a week or two at the most.”


Here’s another one:
“On the first riding day, we left Tsuyama in the sunshine and quickly rose into the mountains to the north on our way to the Sea of Japan and the north coast of Honshu. Winding mountain roads through beautiful pine forest with a crisp dusting of snow gave way all too soon to the crowded urban coast of western Honshu, where we used the buddy system to leapfrog all 14 bikes through the larger cities. When the road opened up we wound alongside the ocean under steep cliffs and behind protective sea walls, with a gorgeous view out to the numerous small islands off Japan’s coast.”

Remember to pick up a copy of Rider Magazine, August 2016 to get a better idea of MotoQuest’s tour of Japan.