MotoQuest founder Phil Freeman just returned home to Alaska after guiding our Colorado Rocky Mountain High and Wonders of the West adventures, and he’s already come up with another excuse reason to hit the road somewhere warm again. Where to next? Ecuador!

Alaska vs Ecuador in January

I mean… Can you blame him?

Here’s Phil’s invitation to you:
“We are hearing from our riders and we believe it, too: we want to get out and safely explore! 
To date, I have personally led six tours during COVID-19, and though there are some adaptations with restaurants, public places, etc., the groups are discovering that travel by motorcycle during this time is still as fun as ever. Ecuador is open for business and accepting travelers, setting a standard by mandating COVID-19 testing before you arrive in the country. This is on par with what we experienced in Alaska and what we ask of all of our riders prior to starting an organized motorcycle adventure with MotoQuest. For those who are curious, please check out our COVID-19 Healthy Touring Policies & COVID-19 Tour Cancellation Accommodations.

I have lived in Ecuador and have traveled extensively throughout this wonderful region. I invite you to join me to experience the hospitality of the most biodiverse country on Earth this January. Get ready for world class roads, from beaches to glaciers to the Amazon Basin. Get ready for an adventure!”

Ecuador Adventure
January 18 – 30, 2021
November 1 – 13, 2021
October 31 – November 12, 2022

Join Phil Freeman in South America this January for an unforgettable ride through the diverse landscapes of Ecuador. Picture winding your way up and down the Andes Mountains from windswept peaks to white sandy beaches of the Pacific, through cloud forests and past banana plantations, and resting overnight along the coastline and in thermal hot springs. Experience Ecuadorian culture with all of your senses: smell the fragrances and taste the flavors of the regional cuisine, see the rich colors and feel the textures of woven blankets and sweaters, all while you hear the Andean and Pasillo music from town squares and interact with the locals during your journey.

A full itinerary can be found on our Ecuador Adventure webpage where you can also register today, but here’s a brief overview:

  • The package consists of 10 riding days (12 nights of lodging) included in base cost (one free day).
  • Arrive in Quito, Ecuador no later than mid afternoon on arrival day, January 18th, 2021. We recommend coming in at least one day early to acclimate and to account for potential flight or luggage delays. We can arrange additional lodging for you if necessary.
  • Last day of riding is January 29th, 2021, at the conclusion of which we will have a final farewell dinner as a group in Quito.
  • Base package includes shared accommodation and a BMW F700 GS for $7,600 USD.
  • Upgrades to single occupancy and a BMW F800 GS are also available.


Ready for an Ecuadorian video vacation? Say no more!