Not only was MotoQuest Founder Phil Freeman born and raised in Alaska, but he’s also been sharing the beauty of the last frontier with riders from around the world since 1998. Today, he would like to tell you about the awe-inspiring territory of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula.

Most of our organized motorcycle adventures in Alaska do not include a true geographic gem of the state: the Kenai Peninsula. This wild land, full of rugged mountains, glaciers, lakes, and wild rivers, is conveniently located just south of Anchorage. The Seward Highway, one of North America’s top ten scenic byways, happens to meander through the heart of it.

Indeed, Alaska is so vast that incorporating the entirety of this section to any of our tours would make our trips too long for many of our riders. So, we have designed a motorcycle ride that focuses solely on this gorgeous part of the state. The Kenai conjures up images of precipitous fjords jutting out of the ocean, rivers teaming with wild salmon – it’s a place so strikingly beautiful and vast, that it’s hard to wrap your mind around the fact that it is just a small section of the state of Alaska!

The Alaska Kenai Peninsula Adventure is perfect for those who are short on time, but want to dip a toe in the pool of Alaska’s grandeur. This is the shortest trip we offer, featuring just four days of riding. Stand alone, this is a great trip, where you can say you have ridden to the most westerly point of the highway system in North America.

For those who join our late May Prudhoe Bay Adventure, you may daisy chain the Kenai Peninsula ride to the front part of your trip, and see even more of Alaska. Ready for raw, rugged, inspiring nature? Come explore the Kenai Peninsula, you won’t be disappointed.

Alaska Kenai Peninsula
May 25 – 30, 2021
May 24 – 29, 2022

  • Begins & ends in Anchorage
  • Paved itinerary with some road construction
  • Great for riding with a passenger

Our Alaska Kenai Peninsula motorcycle tour showcases many of the best qualities of Alaska. Located just south of Anchorage, the Kenai Peninsula is a land of abundant wildlife, sea life, impressive glaciers, lakes, wild rivers, and spectacular coastline. Enjoy an unforgettable ride through the all-paved winding mountain highways and relax at night in comfortable accommodations in colorful Alaskan towns.

Prudhoe Bay Adventure
May 30 – June 8, 2021
May 29 – June 7, 2022

  • Begins & ends in Anchorage
  • 60% paved, 40% dirt highways to slippery, muddy roads
  • Passengers might be uncomfortable on this ride

Bragging rights for riding an adventure touring motorcycle to the northernmost motorable point in North America don’t come easy, and this ride certainly does not appeal to everyone. If Prudhoe Bay is on your bucket list, we’re here to support your trip of a lifetime and have some raucous laughs along the way. We will be staying at hotels, remote lodges, and rugged work camps. That’s all they have in Deadhorse!

We intentionally designed the next two itineraries to immerse our guests in the most iconic scenery while riding the best roads of the American Southwestern region.

Wonders of the West
October 16 – 23, 2021
March 26 – April 2, 2022
October 15 – 22, 2022

  • Begins & ends in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Paved itinerary with some optional unpaved “extra credit” rides
  • Great for riding with a passenger

This all-paved motorcycle adventure features six days of exploring iconic destinations in southern California, western Nevada, and a bit of Arizona. Ride through Joshua Tree National Park, over mountains, through San Bernardino and Angeles National Forests, into Death Valley, and visit Las Vegas, all in less than a week! Highlights of this itinerary include open spaces, old west history, Route 66, and the opportunity to ride below sea level. Discover the West at a time when temperatures are just about perfect for riding in this region.

American Southwest
October 24 – November 2, 2021
April 3 – 12, 2022
October 23 – November 1, 2022

  • Begins & ends in Las Vegas, Nevada
  • Paved itinerary with some optional unpaved “extra credit” rides
  • Great for riding with a passenger

Explore the very best of the American Southwest. This motorcycle tour begins and ends in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ride the canyonlands of Utah, Colorado, Arizona, and Nevada. Visit Zion National Park, Bryce National Park, Arches National Park, Hovenweep National Monument, Mesa Verde National Park, Grand Canyon, Monument Valley, and Route 66. This is not only an extraordinary tour of natural history, but also a glimpse into the old and wild west, as well as classic Americana. We are sure you’ll agree that the riding through this part of the continental United States is world class!

When adventurous motorcyclists pair up our Pacific Coast Highway Northbound and North to Alaska itineraries, they experience a combination of coastal curves, wildlife viewing, and dramatic changes of scenery between southern California and central Alaska.

Pacific Coast Highway – Northbound
April 29 – May 9, 2022

  • Begins in Long Beach, California
  • Ends in Portland, Oregon
  • Paved itinerary with some optional unpaved “extra credit” rides
  • Great for riding with a passenger

This 1,700-mile all-paved Pacific Coast Highway motorcycle tour is a dream motorcycle trip along the west coast of the United States. Start in Long Beach, California and ride north, hugging the Pacific coast all the way to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. Enjoy a free day near San Francisco, in Tiburon, where you can explore the city on your own or explore the area on two wheels. Continue on Highway 1 all the way to Portland, Oregon. This ride features the epic coastal scenery of California and Oregon: curves, Redwood forests, and great scenery are the order of the day.

North to Alaska
May 13 – 24, 2022

  • Begins in Portland, Oregon
  • Ends in Anchorage, Alaska
  • Paved itinerary with some road construction
  • Great for riding with a passenger
  • Ride the famous Alaska Highway!

This 2,800-mile all-paved North to Alaska motorcycle tour starts in Portland, Oregon and travels through western Canada to Anchorage, Alaska. Enjoy an 11-day, fully supported trip of a lifetime with postcard scenery around every turn. This ride offers especially good wildlife viewing opportunities!