MotoQuest founder Phil Freeman is here to tell us a bit about the creation of our Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure.

It was a labor of love to put together our Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure. After reading “Undaunted Courage” by Stephan E. Ambrose, I became curious about the landscapes that the Corps of Discovery traveled through. It was after a couple of years of collecting information from local riders that were also Lewis and Clark enthusiasts, like our long-time guide Lynn Brown and others, that an itinerary in and out of Portland, Oregon came to fruition. And oh, what a ride that it has become – we had mixed history with world-class riding. 

There are many profound moments during the trip where you realize the scale and scope of that expedition. Our last four days of riding took the Corps of Discovery four months to complete. When you finally make it to the Pacific Coast at Astoria, Oregon, you can only speculate what was going on in Merriweather Lewis’s head. The Corps had  accomplished a milestone, but now he had to lead the group back to St. Louis.

Traveling with an organized group is always fun, but adding the element of history and education further enhances the riding experience. During our Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure, not only do we pair this ride to a great book, we incorporate the best roads, out-of-the-way diners, and hand-picked knowledgeable local guides. 

Break loose for two weeks in September and fall in love with Pacific Northwest stretching from the Pacific Ocean to Great Falls, Montana. Stand in the footsteps of history and contemplate the opening of the west.

If you ever wanted to follow in the Trail of Lewis and Clark, laugh out loud with fellow travelers, learn new packing and partying tricks while riding Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana, pack your bags. Here is your opportunity.

Trail of Lewis And Clark Adventure

September 13 – 26, 2021
September 12 – 25, 2022

Take a three-minute motorcycle vacation featuring highlights from our Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure.