While it’s not unusual to receive positive feedback from our riders about our tour and rental services, every so often, we receive a message which just makes us feel all warm and fuzzy inside, and want to shout it from the hilltop! Today, we’re sharing one MotoQuestrian’s review and a few photos from the crew on our Best of Alaska adventure which just ran from July 3 – 12, 2020 .

Take it away, Christina!

MotoQuest provided a very fun and organized experience in Alaska. Everything from the stopping points on the trip, to the helpfulness of the office/bike staff, to the enthusiasm and friendliness of our guides made this a trip to remember. In the midst of a pandemic, the MotoQuest staff was able to keep up with a constantly changing environment, and have the trip go on smoothly and successfully. The communication leading up to and during the trip was very helpful and consistent. We all felt very comfortable among a kind, professional, and well-experienced staff.

Tom (MQ Guide) was a fantastic group lead. He was very familiar with the route and Alaska in general. He made everyone feel very comfortable to go at their own pace, but also kept everyone on track and following schedule. His enthusiasm for riding and for leading this trip was very apparent for the whole duration!

Theronn (MQ Support Guide) was very helpful in so many ways. It felt very comforting to know he would be right behind our group. He was prepared for all situations, from as simple as having breakfast for us in the morning when no shops were open, to repairing a bike that needed attention mid-trip. I think I can speak for everyone on the trip that it was a pleasure having someone so friendly and positive accompanying us for the entirety of the week!






We reached out to Christina after receiving her observations to gain insight as to how she decided to join this adventure. Here’s what she said:

After I received my motorcycle license a few years ago, my dad has always been my riding partner. He was interested in doing an extended motorcycle trip, and when we discovered the “Best of Alaska” tour, we did not hesitate to sign up! My cousin, Chris, is another rider in the family, and was excited to join us in this adventure. 

Christina and Dad

Cousin Chris, Christina, and Dad

I was nervous at first to do a multi-day trip in unfamiliar territory, but the guides at MotoQuest made me feel very safe and comfortable from beginning to end. MotoQuest helped to build up my confidence as a beginner rider, and I am excited for our next family trip with them!


Thank YOU, Christina! If you’re reading this, reach out whenever you’re ready to hit the road with us again. We had a blast riding with you and look forward to our next adventure together.


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