Bust out the rigid boots, we’re hitting the dirt!

For those of you who might need a reminder, today must be Tuesday, because here we are, gracing your inbox again… unless you’ve waited to read this on another day. This time, we’re showing you a few of our favorite photos from some of our itineraries featuring unpaved riding. Wild to mild, we’ve got something fun for every rider.

Baja Backroads Adventure

October 24 – November 3, 2020
October 23 – November 2, 2021
October 22 – November 1, 2022

Beginning and ending in southern California, this wild ride will take you to Mike’s Sky Ranch, onto the Compadre Trail, through Coco’s Corner, and we’ll even have some two-wheeled play time on the beach! Be prepared to venture over a diverse array of surfaces: gravel, rocks, hard packed and soft sand, as well as some twisty pavement. You’ll be flossing sand out of your teeth for a month afterward from grinning ear to ear while riding on this adventure.



Alaska Backcountry Explorer Adventure

August 7 – 16, 2020
August 6 – 15, 2021
August 5 – 14, 2022

This is the most challenging dual sport itinerary we offer in Alaska. Jeep trails, mining roads, two-track, rocks, gravel, mud, and water crossings are all part of the program. Know what isn’t? Clean motorcycles. This ride truly starts where the map ends. Our guides have been exploring the backcountry of Alaska for many years and will show you spots that even the other locals don’t know about.


Happy Medium between Wild and Mild:
Alaska Northern Lights Adventure

August 22 – 30, 2020
August 21 – 29, 2021
August 20 – 28, 2022

Former motocross racers and novice dirt riders rave about this adventure. Why? You’re hitting pavement and maintained dirt roads in the most beautiful motorable parts of Alaska, and have the freedom to explore more challenging territory if you’re so inclined. Relaxing and enjoying the views beyond the bike is also a stellar choice. We schedule this one late in our Alaska riding season so that, if you stay up late enough and the conditions are right, you might see the aurora borealis.


Mild with opportunities to get Wild:
Best of Alaska Adventure

July 3 – July 12, 2020
August 14 – 23, 2020
June 11 – 20, 2021
June 25 – July 4, 2021
June 10 – 19, 2022
June 24 – July 3, 2022

This hotel to hotel itinerary is all-paved, but there are a few opportunities for what we call “extra credit” rides beyond the tarmac. Dirt-curious and experienced guests are encouraged to join their guide for a scenic cruise down a gravel road or two. Despite not being packed with dual sport options, our Best of Alaska ride remains one of our most popular adventures for individuals as well as two up riders. Don’t count this one out just because it sticks to the pavement!

Viewpoint from our Best of Alaska “Extra Credit” ride


Glacier landing in Denali National Park optional flight