Discover Baja Off the Beaten Path

So much mystery surrounds the Baja Peninsula. The captivating beauty of one of the most precipitous stretches of coastline along both the Pacific Ocean and the Gulf of California is offset by the vast, barren desert that makes up the majority of this 775-mile strip of land extending off the northwest corner of Mexico’s mainland. This headland was considered a myth to European explorers some 500 years ago, and while it was inhabited by indigenous people for hundreds to thousands of years before that, historic records show it was during the 1500’s that Hernán Cortés sent expeditions to discover what exactly the “Island of California” was. The discovery of Baja has never relented, and today’s modern vehicles and technology have opened the doors to make exploration of this rustic landscape more accessible than ever before.

Baja Backroads Riders

Notably, off-road enthusiasts have sought to tackle the rough and rugged terrain of the peninsula for decades, trekking across virtually every inch of both Baja California, to the north, and Baja California Sur, to the south. As off-road enthusiasts ourselves, we were also inspired to develop a one-of-a-kind excursion across this spectacular landscape, which spawned the Baja Backroads Adventure.

It is important for us to note that the backroads of Baja are not for everyone. This is a serious journey for riders who enjoy riding in the dirt, traversing through the peninsula across rocky paths and sandy trails few have seen.

Off-Road in Baja

I'm Ready for the Baja Adventure

Because there’s so much to see in Baja, we’ve extended our route to cover 11 days, which takes us well off the beaten path once we cross the border. As a result, we strongly encourage only experienced ADV and off-road riders to take advantage of this single-rider adventure. Moreover, Baja provides a great opportunity for you to bring your own motorcycle. If you have a proper off-road bike that’s ready to tackle the conditions, feel free to ride it on the adventure and receive a discount in doing so. If you’d still like to take advantage of our selection of exceptional dual-sport motorcycles, we’re more than happy to help find the ideal bike for you.

For those of you who have enough seat time in these types of conditions, but perhaps haven’t tackled off-road conditions in a while, the crew over at ADV Pulse is here to help! They’ve compiled a great article with some helpful tips from the pros that can serve as the perfect refresher and prep tool.

We kick things off at our Southern California headquarters in Long Beach and make a pit stop in the charming mountain town of Julian, just outside San Diego, where its flowing curves will set an energetic tone for the adventure that awaits across the border. Once we ride across the world’s busiest border crossing into Tijuana, we bid farewell to paved roads and venture off into the Baja desert.


Heading out from the MotoQuest HQ in Long Beach, California

We’ll straddle the coastline along the breathtaking Sea of Cortez, a.k.a. the Gulf of California, on Baja’s eastern edge, and you’ll have the opportunity to dive right into the most ecologically rich body of water on the planet. From there the route takes us on a journey across the heart of Baja California, where hidden gems like Cataviña await, before descending into the scenic Pacific Coast. Some paved stretches provide a bit of reprieve from the legendary off-road terrain that litters this region, but arguably the most incredible routes lie ahead. Experience the exhilaration of riding mere feet from the shorebreak, and joyously savor the moment when your wheels meet the ocean.

Ocean Views in Baja


The Baja Backroads Adventure personifies what MotoQuest is all about, and while we offer two more tours on the peninsula for those looking for something a little more leisurely — Best of Baja Northbound and Best of Baja Southbound — the backroads provide a truly challenging yet rewarding experience for the true ADV enthusiast.

Baja Backroads Adventure
2019 Dates: October 26 – November 5


  • Sea of Cortez
  • Coco’s Corner
  • Mission San Bora
  • Sea Lion Caves
  • Coyote Cal’s
  • Mike’s Sky Ranch

Mike's Sky Ranch in Baja