You’ve probably heard us say this before, but at MotoQuest we are not in the business of saying no. If you’re on one of our guided adventures and want to take off on your own first thing in the morning, we’ll make sure you have all of the necessary information and you can be on your way. We love to accommodate, and nothing helps us bring your passion for adventure to life like creating a Custom Adventure on two wheels!

(Custom Alaskan Northern Lights Adventure)

There are a few options for developing the ultimate custom adventure. The best deal you can get for your group is to basically “buy out” a current itinerary listed on our calendar. This actually just happened with one of our Baja trips, which is why you may have noticed only three trips being offered in the spring. Another cost-effective and even more custom way is to take a current itinerary, pick your own dates, invite your own group, and make it all about YOU!

What everyone wants to know pretty quickly is “how much,” right? Since custom really means custom, there are several different factors that are taken into consideration. You pretty much know the ballpark of an adventure when you’re going to pick a current tour date, but again, there may be ways to bring the costs down even more.

(Custom Best of Alaska Adventure)

When you decide to take an existing itinerary and make it your own, one way to reduce costs is by changing the hotels. Some of the itineraries include five star accommodations, but if that sort of thing doesn’t matter much to you, then choosing less expensive lodging will immediately lower the overall cost.

(Custom Women’s Alaska Adventure)

Another quick way to save is to remove services like having a guide on a bike or a support vehicle. One popular option is to have a guide drive a support vehicle instead of leading the way on a motorcycle, this way they can still brief the group on the route, geography and history of the region before the ride and then support the ride from the rear. While we don’t often recommend going without a support vehicle, it is an option to have the guide ride alongside your group and forego the additional support. When setting up your adventure, we’d be able to advise if this is a good option or not and what impact it might have on the overall experience.

(Custom Colombian Adventure)

Our sales consultants will also share tiered pricing that shows how the price decreases when you add more people. We can trim and shape the trip to make it fit your budget.


What about making it even more custom than the itinerary already showcases? Most of the time this is really easy to accommodate. One way to do this is by adding days to a turnkey trip. This is a budget-friendly way to customize your interests – like fishing, rafting, or hiking – with minimal added expense.

(Custom Adventure in Peru)

While we’ve mostly touched on turnkey trips, it’s not to say that we can’t make your dream trip a reality and develop a true custom adventure for your group. Our Thailand/Laos adventure was born from a group that wanted to do a custom tour in Southeast Asia. It was so beloved by the group that we knew we had to add it to our regular schedule. You just never know what you might find when you #RideYourWorld!

(Custom Adventure in Iceland)

Because the options are nearly endless, this all starts with an initial conversation. We are in the business of making people happy on a motorcycle, and we’ve learned a few things in our years of travel to give you the best experience possible.

(Custom Tuscany Adventure)

Take a look at all the places we already go and reach out to us if you’re looking to get a group of riding buddies together. This style of trip is becoming more and more popular, and we’re ready to get you where you want to explore!