Summer riding in the US is our specialty! This season, we’ve been sending rentals and tours out of our Anchorage facility since June 28. We’re seeing significantly less traffic on the roads than usual up here with minimal menacing RV’s. Maybe the Canadian borders being closed to non-essential travelers isn’t such a bad thing, eh?

If you’re considering flying up to ride in Alaska this summer, we can tell you the state has relaxed the requirements for visitors. At the moment this newsletter is being written, visitors can opt to get tested for COVID-19 up to 72 hours prior to arrival, and as long as your test results come back negative, you’re free to explore! Click this link for more detailed information.

Itchin’ to get away this summer? We’ve got room for a few more riders on our Alaska Northern Lights Adventure from August 22nd – 30th, 2020. If you’re open to sharing a room and want to save a few bucks, we do have one shared occupancy slot for a female rider and another for a male rider. This partially unpaved ride takes you through some of the most scenic motorable parts of Alaska via tarmac and maintained dirt roads. We’ve even got a few opportunities to explore beyond the main roads, too!

Rider posing with a BMW F 750 GS at our Anchorage facility
before gearing up and taking off

Not ready to come up just yet? Totally understandable. Just as a head’s up: some riders have postponed their 2020 Alaskan adventure until 2021, so our motorcycles are booking up faster than usual. We encourage you to reserve your rig while we still have them available. Start by submitting this rental request, and one of our Motorcycle Vacation Addiction Enablers will follow up with an exact quote. Your pricing and motorcycle reservation will be locked in once you pay your deposit.

Reserve now for next year, and we will honor our 2020 rental pricing:

What do our Alaska rental motorcycles come equipped with?

  • A pair of Pelican iM2600 side cases
  • Top boxes are available upon request
  • Battery Tender 12 volt quick connect harness
  • BMW models also have a DIN 5 volt outlet
  • Suzuki models also have a 12 volt outlet (cigarette lighter style)
  • Engine protection bars
  • Skid plates
  • Barkbusters
  • Complimentary route consultation
  • A full gas tank upon departure

What do we often suggest riders supply?

  • Tank bag or dry bag to strap down
  • Battery Tender USB plug which connects to the battery tender on any motorcycle in our fleet so you can charge your phone or other gadgets
  • Tire inflator which connects to battery tender harness
  • Tire pressure gauge
  • You may want to pick up a rope-style tire repair kit from any auto parts store when you get into town, as the mushroom style is not as effective
  • DIN outlet plug for BMW’s proprietary outlet if you are renting one
  • Handlebar phone mount
  • GPS and handlebar mount
  • DOT Helmet (required for all renters) and riding gear
  • Travel Insurance

Looking for Alaska trip planning resources? We made this cheat sheet for you!

Glamor shot of one of our BMW F 850 GS units in Homer, Alaska