Our guide, John Isenberg, led the tour with consummate skill both as a rider and an organiser.

“An Exhilarating Northern Patagonia Tour”

This is one of those ‘must do’ bucket-list type tours that simply knocks your socks off! My husband and I shared this thrilling experience on our separate bikes with two couples (from South Africa and Canada respectively) and new-found friends from Canada, Denmark and the USA. We started our tour in Chile, crossed over into beautiful Argentina and ended back in glorious Chile. The riding was excellent – we had the opportunity to notch up some experience on gravel roads which was fairly technical at times, and the chance to enjoy riding at faster speeds through twisty paved road sections. Our guide, John Isenberg, led the tour with consummate skill both as a rider and an organiser. A buckled wheel from a river-crossing posed no problem for the support expert, Jeff, and ensured that we could complete the tour on our bikes. We loved every minute from surveying the world from Osorno Volcano, to viewing the penguins off Chiloe Island to enjoying the magical surroundings of an Argentine Estancia! John pushed us to the edge of our comfort zones and sometimes beyond by taking us through some challenging riding terrains but always looked after our safety. The accommodation varied from complete luxury to one quite dodgy hotel in a great riding zone, but this variation somehow added spice to the trip. The restaurants we ate at also varied: from top-end establishments to low cost, small-town cafés but we were never disappointed with our meals. There was lots of fun and laughs, often initiated by John and Jeff, which added to the memories. The 10 days on the tour really did provide a unique experience and it is certainly the best way to experience the stunningly beautiful lake regions of both Chile and Patagonia – on your bike with the wind in your face, the thrill of breath-taking views all around you and the open road in front of you.