Plan Your Pacific Northwest Getaway

April 13, 2021By Brenden Anders

The signs of Spring are all around the U.S. Pacific Northwest: cherry blossoms are in bloom, birds are chirping, and the curvaceous roads are calling! Our crew and motorcycles in Portland, Oregon are ready to enable your next two-wheeled adventure. Request Your Portland Motorcycle Rental What comes with your MotoQuest rental? Complimentary route consultation help … Read More

Captivating Curves of the Pacific Coast Highway

March 16, 2021By Brenden Anders

Salty air, twisty roads, and ocean views are on our minds this week because we’ve recently updated our Southbound and Northbound Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) adventures. These one-way all-paved trips still run between our Portland, Oregon and Long Beach, California facilities, but now we’re riding at a more relaxed pace along PCH. This gives us time to enjoy more … Read More

Guided Adventure Combos For the Ultimate Getaway

March 3, 2021By Brenden Anders

Not only was MotoQuest Founder Phil Freeman born and raised in Alaska, but he’s also been sharing the beauty of the last frontier with riders from around the world since 1998. Today, he would like to tell you about the awe-inspiring territory of Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. Most of our organized motorcycle adventures in Alaska do … Read More

All Paved Autumn 2021 Adventures in the USA

February 3, 2021By Brenden Anders

What happens when the summer temperatures cool off and the kids are back in school? The motorcyclists come out and play! We like to take full advantage of the wide open roads and reasonable weather, so of course we’ve developed itineraries specifically for this time of year. Check out what we have in store for you … Read More

Pick Your Journey of Discovery in the Pacific Northwest

March 26, 2019By Brenden Anders

Pick Your Journey of Discovery in the Pacific Northwest If you have never explored the Pacific Northwest, with all of its grandeur, we here at MotoQuest challenge you to take advantage of two life-changing adventures we offer through this incredibly dynamic landscape – the Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure and the Pacific Coast Highway Motorcycle Tour South. Which ride … Read More

End of 2017 Booking Special

December 7, 2017By Brenden Anders

With the holidays approaching we here at MotoQuest have put together an End of Year Booking Special to offer exclusively to our mailing list subscribers. That’s you! Here are the details… We are offering to pay a portion of your deposit if you book one of the eligible MotoQuest guided tours by January 1, 2018. … Read More

From Desert to Rainforest – Riding Pacific Coast Highway

November 22, 2017By Brenden Anders

One of the advantages of riding a motorcycle is the enhanced connection to the world around you. There’s something about throwing a leg over your bike, firing it up, and letting out the clutch that seems to heighten the senses. This seems to be true for riders who commute or cruise around town just as … Read More

Guest Blog: Riding in Northern California’s Wine Country

July 28, 2017By Brenden Anders

This is a guest post by our friend at Golden Haven Hot Springs, Bruce Kendall. California’s roads are often thought of as being congested, and although this is true in many of the state’s big cities, California is filled with thousands of miles of scenic roads that are excellent for motorcycling. In fact, the Golden … Read More