New Japan Three-Island Adventure Dates Added

October 22, 2019By Brenden Anders

If you know anyone who has been to Japan to explore – especially on two wheels – they’ve likely ranted and raved about their experience. As we send out this newsletter to you, MotoQuest founder Phil Freeman is on the ground in Japan leading an adventure that just enjoyed an amazing MotoGP event at Motegi. … Read More

Opportunity Abounds With Offseason Rental Pricing

September 24, 2019By Brenden Anders

It’s always sad to see summer come to a close. But, like with most things in life, there is always some GOOD NEWS to follow that sad news! Offseason pricing for MotoQuest rentals kicks off on October 1. This is the perfect chance to take that weekend trip you’ve been needing, or make the most … Read More

Top 10 Favorite Shots From Our Summer Adventures

September 5, 2019By Brenden Anders

Does anyone else agree that summer is WAY TOO SHORT!? At MotoQuest it seems to fly by at an exceptionally fast pace thanks to the epic adventures we get to be a part of. If you haven’t joined us yet, be sure to contact us as soon as you can because several adventures have already … Read More

Honda CB500X

June 25, 2019By Brenden Anders

Rent a Honda CB500X motorcycle from MotoQuest to explore Patagonia! We offer Honda CB500X motorcycles on our trips through Argentina and Chile.

The Enchanting Mystique of Riding Across the Land of the Rising Sun

March 5, 2019By Brenden Anders

Ever wanted to get lost in the majesty of Japan? Composed of nearly 6,900 individual islands, this showcase of Mother Nature is littered with truly unique landscapes, much of which remain largely untouched by modern society. Nearly 127 million people occupy this small 146,000 square mile mythical volcanic creation, and the intimate nature of The Land of the … Read More

MotoQuest Rider Lee Hobart on Riding Japan

September 25, 2018By Brenden Anders

Everyone seems to have at least one travel destination that dominates their daydreams and is perpetually at the top of their bucket list. For many motorcyclists, that place is Alaska. The Last Frontier holds a certain charm, and according to native Alaskan Lee Hobart, part of that charm is that “you can truly get lost … Read More

The International MotoQuest Diet

June 19, 2018By Brenden Anders

You are what you eat. This was originally a metaphor to describe the effects of diet on overall health and well-being, but before we slide into a debate about which diet is better and what kind of foods we should be eating, we’d like to put our own twist on the saying: If you are … Read More

Best Of 2017 Hokkaido Japan Tour

August 10, 2017By Brenden Anders

Our 2017 Hokkaido Japan Tour was an incredible adventure! This year’s tour had the pleasure of being led by MotoQuest Founder Phil Freeman. Phil guided the group on scenic roads, through large national parks and even past steaming volcanoes! Hokkaido has wide open spaces with little or to traffic, making it feel like another world. … Read More

Triumph Bonneville

April 27, 2016By Brenden Anders

Rent a Triumph Bonneville motorcycle from MotoQuest and ride Japan. We offer Triumph Bonneville motorcycles for our Japan Three Island Tour. Come ride Japan and experience the islands of Honshu, Kyushu, and Shikoku. There is no better way to see Japan than by the seat of a motorcycle.

Honda CB400SF

April 27, 2016By Brenden Anders

Rent a Honda CB400SF motorcycle from MotoQuest and explore Japan. We offer Honda CB400SF motorcycles for our Japan Three Island Tour and Hokkaido Explore Adventure. Come ride Japan and experience the islands of Honshu, Kyushu, Shikoku and Hokkaido. There is no better way to see Japan than by the seat of a motorcycle.