The Most Treacherous Road in the World

January 22, 2020By Brenden Anders

Phil Freeman’s Road Diary from the 2014 MotoQuest India Touch the Sky Adventure August 19th – Arrival to New Delhi The New Delhi Taxi driver was sincere. He said, “In order to drive in India, you need three things: Good Horn, Good Brakes, and Good Luck.” August 19th, Late Night, New Delhi Most of the … Read More

Nicknames Earned on MotoQuest Adventures

October 24, 2018By Brenden Anders

When we talk to fellow riders for the first time, one of the most common questions that comes up is “why go on a guided trip when I can do the same ride myself?” Among the many logistical reasons like having a full time support vehicle on hand and the fact that we book all … Read More

MotoQuest’s Road Sign Roundup

May 17, 2018By Brenden Anders

We see some some pretty unusual road signs in our travels around the globe. Some warn of animals and road hazards, or promise us delightfully curvy roads ahead! Others encourage safe driving, even though you are hundreds of miles from civilization. No matter where you are in the world, keep an eye on the signs, … Read More

WATCH: Riding the World’s Most Treacherous Road in India

April 27, 2017By Brenden Anders

Watch the latest video from our India Touch the Sky Adventure: Riding the Indian Himalayas is no Sunday drive. With thousands of miles of roads climbing from valley floors to 18,000-foot mountain passes, riding in Northern India is a mixed bag of easy-going trails, rugged mountain roads, and everything in between. But as with every MotoQuest trip, this … Read More