Taking The Road Less Traveled Pays Off Big in Baja

July 23, 2019By Brenden Anders

  We are beyond privileged to explore a lot of wonderful places around the world, but one destination that never gets old is our exploration of the Baja Peninsula. It’s so wonderful, in fact, we have five trips a year comprising of three different itineraries Traveling up and down the 775-mile strip of land is … Read More

Baja: The Ride, The Myth, The Legend

September 28, 2017By Brenden Anders

Baja California, Mexico, has long been a place surrounded in mystery and wonder. Every year, tourists and adventure seekers alike flock to its blue shorelines and white sand dunes. We at MotoQuest are no strangers to this magical landscape, since we run both northbound and southbound tours to Baja every year. What makes Baja the … Read More