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Loss & Damage Waiver

Loss Damage Waiver (LDW) - Renter may purchase a reduction in theft or damage liability. The LDW limits the financial liability regarding theft and damage to the rented motorcycle to the first $1,000 USD. Restrictions apply*

Loss Damage Waiver Extended (LDWE) - California only. Renter may purchase an additional reduction in liability called the Loss Damage Waiver Extended (LDWE). The LDWE eliminates the financial responsibility to the renter regarding damage or theft of the motorcycle. Restrictions apply*

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Additional Insurances

SLI (Supplemental Liability Insurance) provides you with the following benefits:

When you accept SLI the policy provides you with excess coverage for the difference between that provided in the BLI (minimum requirement is the state financial responsibility mandated by the applicable insurance jurisdiction) and $300,000. Property Damage limitation is $50,000 on any claim and this limit is included in the total liability limit of $300,000. Policy limits are in excess of any/all valid and collectible underlying insurance. If there is any other valid and collectible insurance in effect (i.e. personal automobile liability coverage) then the available protection under the SLI coverage would be reduced by the amount of the underlying insurance.

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See Terms & Conditions for a full explanation of LDW and SLI insurance options

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