Traveling to a new place by motorcycle is a wonderful experience, but doing so with a group of fun-loving individuals makes it truly unforgettable. Join MotoQuest’s Phil Freeman and Ovi Puia as they lead a group through Ovi’s homeland of Romania. Highlights of the trip include but are not limited to: exploring the Transylvania region, Vlad the Impaler history, UNESCO World Heritage Site villages locked in time, delicious food, the Red Bull Romaniacs Hard Enduro event, horse-drawn carriages, and some of the most epic riding in Europe. Check out the videos below to get a taste of what it’s like to ride Romania with MotoQuest. Noroc! (That’s “cheers!” in Romanian.) Learn more about our Romaniacs Experience guided motorcycle adventure and book your spot on the next trip!

5 Reasons to MotoQuest Romania

This short video is a quick 2-minute overview of the trip.

2015 Romaniacs Experience Outtakes

Ever wonder what it’s really like to go on a MotoQuest adventure?

2015 Romaniacs Experience Video Diary

Get the full experience! Join Phil, Ovi and the group as they explore Romania MotoQuest-style.

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