It is said that the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is the oldest and most dangerous motorcycle race.
Spend 5 days on the Isle of Man and feel the excitement.

We only take a group of 6 Riders. Be one of them!

Friday, May 27th 2011 – Monday, Jun 6th 2011

Pit Stop at the Isle of Man The Monkey on the Isle of ManSuperbikes race on the Isle of Man during the TT races.


Wonderful Wales

Explore the best of Wales before and after the Isle of Man. We spend an extra day in Wales just so you can go out and Ride the best of Walesadventure on your own.

We don’t expect you to be able to read the signs, but we do guarantee you will love every curve of it!






An Island Like No Other

The Isle of Man is the embodiment of a race culture. No speed limits exist between towns. There, you will spend 5 days and 5 nights. Ride the actual “TT” course during the day. Check out the vintage races. Go see what is going on at the pits. Pick your spot to watch the races in the evenings.
Pack your smile, you will be using it all the time.Watch the tt races from a the comfort and security of a pub.

YouTube Video of the Isle of Man


Check out the pit at the TT Races
Our group is limited to 6 riders.
Getting ready for speed on the Isle of Man