While our MotoQuest fleet is making its way from Anchorage, Alaska to Long Beach, CA, I find myself back in my small Alaskan town staring out into the midnight sun and plotting the next adventure.

I’ve got two end-of-year escapes in mind. Th first is our Patagonia End of the Earth Adventure. I keep thinking, people really should take advantage of this MotoQuest tour before they pave the roads! If you’re not convinced yet, do read this excellent article by Ben Abrams, with additional photos by our very own guide Darin Branton, on  the website eGarage. Ben joined us on a MotoQuest Patagonia Adventure earlier this year.


The other escape is Baja! I am so stoked about our two scheduled Baja Motorcycle Adventures. Slots are filling up fast for the Northbound leg but we’ve got plenty of room on our Southbound Baja adventure You can also rent a motorcycle from MotoQuest and ride Baja on your own.

And speaking of Baja, read my latest article for AdvPulse about 12 Must See Destinations in Baja.


Excerpt from AdvPulse: “If you are looking to turn the switch to vacation time or you yearn for the sun during the cold and dark winter months and want to put some sand between your toes, then Baja California, Mexico is the best bang-for-your-buck I have ever found. It is easy to get to from the US (just ride there) and with its open spaces, natural splendor;and slow tempo, it’s no wonder Baja is a favorite of many motorcycle travelers.” Continue reading.

Where are YOU planning to escape to this winter? And if you have any questions about motorcycle travel, feel free to drop me a line. Enjoy the rest of our Ramblings from the Road.