When we talk about many of our guided adventures, we focus on the non-riding elements like the food, the history, the natural beauty, the unique cultures. The Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure is a great example of this, because the reality is there is quite a lot to talk about. In the past we have explored the history of the Corps of Discovery through the eyes of archaeologist and MotoQuest guide Jim Kohl. We have heard about this trip from various riders of years past. We have also touched on the this adventure in our pieces on motorsports museums and rivers of North America. But the fact is, the Trail of Lewis and Clark is chock full of amazing riding. Period. End of story.

We cover quite a bit of ground on this ride, logging around 2,500 miles over the course of 12 riding days. We ride the most scenic back roads through the states of Washington, Oregon, Idaho and Montana. Over the course of the trip, you will have ridden from the lush forests of the Pacific Northwest across the plains of Eastern Oregon, over the mountains of Idaho to the point at Lemhi Pass where we pick up the Trail of Lewis and Clark.

That ride alone is worth the price of admission. The Cascade Mountains, the Deschutes River, Hell’s Canyon, the Snake River and the Continental Divide combine for an effective highlight reel of natural splendor and smoothly paved roads take us from point to point. This is the point in the trip where we begin to focus on the Corps of Discovery, with visits to historical sites and museums providing a rich learning experience.

But the incredible riding does not stop there! In Montana you will ride to the head waters of the Missouri River and motor across the open plains of Big Sky Country. One of the undisputed highlights of this adventure awaits at Lolo Pass in Idaho. Here lies one of the best riding roads in all of North America. It has gained notoriety not only for the riding, but for this fantastic road sign that reads “Winding Road Next 99 Miles.”

Yes, this trip is very much about the history of Lewis and Clark and the Corps of Discovery, how they traversed this natural landscapes more than 200 years ago and invariably shaped America as we know it today. But the motorcycles we ride are not just means of transportation, they are our release, the way in which we connect to the world around us and experience new places. Rest assured that the Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure is the perfect mix of pure motorcycle riding fun and historical and cultural importance. It’s the best of both worlds.

The next adventure begins on September 17, 2018. Learn more about this trip on our website, or get in touch with us with any questions you might have.