Phil Freeman Makes His Case for Prudhoe Bay

February 18, 2020By Next Level

The ride to Prudhoe Bay is one of the crown jewels of adventure motorcycle travel. If you want to ride as far north on the North American continent, love adversity, welcome challenging roads, enjoy phenomenal scenery and look forward to the ability to say “Been There, Done That” for the rest of your life, then … Read More

Choosing Your Motorcycle Can Be Tough – RoKo Makes It Easy!

February 4, 2020By Next Level

In case you hadn’t heard, MotoQuest prides itself on its customer service. Our team is extremely dedicated to ensuring you have the best adventure, whether that is on an organized trip or in a DIY rental from one of our four rental locations. We get a lot of inquiries that either are curious what motorcycles are in our fleet or what … Read More

The Secret is Out About Riding in Japan

January 28, 2020By Next Level

Some secrets are not meant to be divulged, but we have one that we think has already been exposed. Exploring Japan on two wheels delivers more memories than a rider could ever dream of. Thankfully for you, MotoQuest offers three incredible adventures to the Land of the Rising Sun.  Ok, now that the secret is … Read More

The Most Treacherous Road in the World

January 22, 2020By Next Level

Phil Freeman’s Road Diary from the 2014 MotoQuest India Touch the Sky Adventure August 19th – Arrival to New Delhi The New Delhi Taxi driver was sincere. He said, “In order to drive in India, you need three things: Good Horn, Good Brakes, and Good Luck.” August 19th, Late Night, New Delhi Most of the … Read More

Peru – Why It’s A MUST For Any Motorcycle Explorer

January 21, 2020By Next Level

Kevin Hagerty, MotoQuest partner, has traveled all over the world on two wheels. His expertise is often consulted when putting together itineraries for MotoQuest. So it’s interesting to us that when he is giving a presentation about other MotoQuest adventures, somehow he always ends up navigating the conversation to one place in particular – the … Read More

7 Different Alaska Adventures to Choose From in 2020

January 7, 2020By Next Level

We are enjoying a considerably mild Alaskan winter so far this season, which makes it that much harder to wait for the doors to open at our Anchorage rental facility in May. For 2020, MotoQuest will be offering seven different Alaskan adventures publicly with some of our most popular itineraries available on two different dates.  … Read More

Romania and Its Roads are a True Delight for Motorcyclists

December 24, 2019By Next Level

What do you know about Romania? If it isn’t much, lean in a bit closer because we are eager to let you in on some secrets about this country that sits at the crossroads of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe. We’ve found a lot of people aren’t too familiar with the riding potential in Romania. … Read More

The Hidden Gem of our Machu Picchu Adventure

December 17, 2019By Next Level

There is a stretch of road along the Pacific Ocean that can only be described as otherworldly. It’s as if the gods of motorcycling and geography got together over a cocktail, poured over a map and decided to make something truly unique. It borders on the realm of unbelievable. This morsel of fantastic road is … Read More