Confirmed Tour: Trail of Lewis and Clark in September

June 2, 2020By Robyn Kocienski

Itching to put the wheels to the pavement? Us, too! We’re excited to confirm that our Trail of Lewis and Clark all-paved adventure has been given the green light to run this September. MotoQuest founder Phil Freeman recently penned an article regarding this specific itinerary, and even if you can’t join us this year, his feature on is still worth … Read More

Last Call for our Cassiar Scout Adventure!

May 26, 2020By Robyn Kocienski

We have very limited (one) space left available on our confirmed 2020 Cassiar Scout Adventure, so if you’ve been hemming and hawing, now is the time to snap it up before it’s gone! Long days, new-to-us lodging, and a few fun hiccups along the way are the standard on scouting trips, so we are asking … Read More

California to Colorado, Ride More of the US with MotoQuest

May 20, 2020By Robyn Kocienski

More and more folks have been reaching out to our crew about the domestic rides we offer because… you know. Today we’re giving you the short and sweet highlights of two guided adventures featuring the southwest corner of the United States which are great when ridden separately or as a back-to-back extended getaway. We’ve scheduled Wonders of … Read More

Alaska Adventure Planning Intel

May 13, 2020By Robyn Kocienski

Ever wonder how MotoQuest made it into Road Runner, Cycle World, and Motorcyclist magazines? We started with good resources and mixed those with experience. Our entire company is composed of riders, and most of our Anchorage crew was born and raised nearby. When we’re not at the shop, we’re on the road experiencing, collectively, old and new destinations. Today, we’re … Read More

Let’s Get Fresh on the Pacific Coast Highway

May 11, 2020By Robyn Kocienski

Ahoy, Readers and Riders! Salty air, twisty roads, and ocean views are on our minds this week because we’ve just updated our Southbound and Northbound Pacific Coast Highway (PCH) adventures, and are excited to share this news with you. These one-way all-paved trips still run between our Portland, Oregon and Long Beach, California facilities, but now we’re riding at a more relaxed … Read More

Filthy Motorcycles are a Sign of a Good Time

April 28, 2020By Robyn Kocienski

Bust out the rigid boots, we’re hitting the dirt! For those of you who might need a reminder, today must be Tuesday, because here we are, gracing your inbox again… unless you’ve waited to read this on another day. This time, we’re showing you a few of our favorite photos from some of our itineraries featuring … Read More

Behold, the MotoQuest Legacy!

April 21, 2020By Robyn Kocienski

Salutations, MotoQuestrians! For today’s adventure, we’re jumping into a time machine to witness the evolution of MotoQuest from our humble beginnings. You may already be familiar with our company’s founder, Phil Freeman, and our global footprint, but are you ready for the tale of how it all came to be? Get nice and cozy, because … Read More

New Year Scouting Trip – An Invitation from Phil

April 14, 2020By Robyn Kocienski

Wanted:Adventurous motorcycle tourers excited to help us refine a fresh all-paved itinerary. Must appreciate long days in the saddle with a few U-turns, unstructured discovery time, road construction, warm beer, and potentially questionable lodging. High maintenance riders and cry babies should avoid this ride. It’s nothing but trouble, but that’s what makes it great!This will not be … Read More

Best Roads of our Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure

April 6, 2020By Robyn Kocienski

Once again, MotoQuest is here to spark your wanderlust. Today, we’re focusing on a true rider’s paradise: the Pacific Northwest region of the United States. What makes it so dreamy? Here’s a short list: Lush, forest-covered mountains with twisty roads Coastal curves and distinguished beaches High desert two-lane roads which meander along rushing rivers If you’re … Read More

Ride it Out from Home with MotoQuest Videos!

April 2, 2020By Robyn Kocienski

Salutations MotoQuestrians, Looking for something to keep you entertained? Saddle up wherever you are and enjoy these home videos, courtesy of your favorite motorcycle vacation addiction enablers. In the interest of optimizing the total experience, our team has added a few suggestions for refreshments and viewing attire.  Phil Freeman, MotoQuest founder, guide, and frequent videographer, … Read More