The Amazing Riding on the Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure

April 25, 2018By MotoQuest

When we talk about many of our guided adventures, we focus on the non-riding elements like the food, the history, the natural beauty, the unique cultures. The Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure is a great example of this, because the reality is there is quite a lot to talk about. In the past we … Read More

Riding Through Cherry Blossoms on our Japan Three Island Tour

April 19, 2018By MotoQuest

MotoQuest founder Phil Freeman just returned from Japan, where he led a group of riders on our incredible Japan Three Island Tour. Years ago, Phil spent time living in Japan as an English teacher, and ever since that life-changing experience has been returning with groups of motorcyclists to experience the country’s warm and welcoming people, … Read More

4 Amazing Motorcycle Events Featured on MotoQuest Adventures

March 7, 2018By MotoQuest

Every MotoQuest adventure is unique. Cuisine, local customs, climate, geological features and landscapes, road conditions, points of interest — there are countless factors that all play a part in shaping the experience for MotoQuest riders. But at the core of it all is motorcycling. This is one thing that MotoQuest and all of its riders … Read More

11 Days. 2800 Miles. 2 Countries. 1 Incredible Journey.

February 23, 2018By MotoQuest

North to Alaska! Have you ever caught yourself staring out a window, watching the trees dance in the wind, daydreaming about your next motorcycle adventure? It happens to us all the time. And this time of year, we’re usually busy looking ahead to the summer months when our Alaska riding season will be in full … Read More

Ecuador: Beaches – Glaciers – Amazon

February 8, 2018By MotoQuest

Ecuador Motorcycle Adventure 2018 Dates: November 5 -17 2019 Dates: November 4 – 16 Over 25 years ago, I lived as a university exchange student in Quito, Ecuador for ten months. During that time, I criss-crossed the country by bus, discovering an unimaginable variety of climates and destinations while I was there. I always vowed … Read More

Women in the Arctic Wind: 2017 All-Woman Alaska Custom Tour

January 24, 2018By MotoQuest

Last summer, Robyn “RoKo” Kocienski had the chance to take four incredible women on a custom tour of Alaska. This trip was not only the adventure of a lifetime, but also inspired RoKo to refresh the itinerary for our Alaska Women’s Tour that she will be guiding in June 2018. RoKo describes some of her … Read More

Best of Hokkaido: RoadRunner Edition

January 4, 2018By MotoQuest

With Photography by Luke Swab Nothing on earth quite compares to the beauty of Hokkaido, Japan. During our Hokkaido Explore Tour, riders experience the island that every Japanese motorcyclist dreams of riding. On our 2017 tour we had the pleasure of hosting journalist Luke Swab of RoadRunner magazine who came along for the ride. Swab … Read More

2017 Retrospective Part 3: The Growth of an Idea

December 18, 2017By MotoQuest

As the clock winds down on 2017, we would like to take a look back at what may be our best year yet in the business of helping people discover the world by motorcycle. Join us on this three part series as we take a journey back to the beginning of 2017 and share with … Read More