The International MotoQuest Diet

June 19, 2018By MotoQuest

You are what you eat. This was originally a metaphor to describe the effects of diet on overall health and well-being, but before we slide into a debate about which diet is better and what kind of foods we should be eating, we’d like to put our own twist on the saying: If you are … Read More

2018 North to Alaska Day-by-Day with Ben Habecker

June 7, 2018By MotoQuest

Join guide Ben Habecker on this day-by-day photo gallery recounting his group’s journey on our 2018 North to Alaska Adventure! North To Alaska 2018: Day 1 on the road 291 miles from Portland, Oregon to Leavenworth, Washington We left the MotoQuest Shop in Portland this morning and headed East through the Columbia River Gorge. We … Read More

Patagonia “End of the Earth” Adventure

June 1, 2018By MotoQuest

January 27 – February 12, 2019 Imagine a place where you could ride through mountains, deserts, farmland, grasslands and along the coast, all in one marvelous motorcycle adventure. That place exists, and it’s called Patagonia. The word “Patagonia” has long been a symbol of outdoor adventure, but geographically speaking it describes the southern regions of … Read More

MotoQuest’s Road Sign Roundup

May 17, 2018By MotoQuest

We see some some pretty unusual road signs in our travels around the globe. Some warn of animals and road hazards, or promise us delightfully curvy roads ahead! Others encourage safe driving, even though you are hundreds of miles from civilization. No matter where you are in the world, keep an eye on the signs, … Read More

One Country, Three Motorcycle Adventures

May 9, 2018By MotoQuest

Over the last few years, Japan has become one of the most popular MotoQuest destinations, and for good reason! There is a certain appeal to riding in Japan that makes each of our three unique trips worthy of any motorcyclist’s bucket list. Maybe it’s the warm and welcoming hospitality of the locals, or the incredible … Read More

The Amazing Riding on the Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure

April 25, 2018By MotoQuest

When we talk about many of our guided adventures, we focus on the non-riding elements like the food, the history, the natural beauty, the unique cultures. The Trail of Lewis and Clark Adventure is a great example of this, because the reality is there is quite a lot to talk about. In the past we … Read More

Riding Through Cherry Blossoms on our Japan Three Island Tour

April 19, 2018By MotoQuest

MotoQuest founder Phil Freeman just returned from Japan, where he led a group of riders on our incredible Japan Three Island Tour. Years ago, Phil spent time living in Japan as an English teacher, and ever since that life-changing experience has been returning with groups of motorcyclists to experience the country’s warm and welcoming people, … Read More