2011 Patagonia End of the Earth Part 1

May 26, 2016By Phil Freeman

Patagonia 2011 A Different Kind of Fun The group started arriving on Thursday and as I got off the plane, I noticed the tell tale riding jackets of motoadventurists. It was Jim and Nicole, fresh from Seattle and newly wed and ready for action! We caught up with Joanna, the fire plug from Poland and … Read More

Alaska Day 4 Jun 10 The Dalton Highway

May 26, 2016By Phil Freeman

Above: Mwah (sic) at the Alaska Pipeline viewpoint 11 miles north of Fairbanks. Half the 800 mile long pipeline is above ground as seen in the pic. The pipeline has been placed above ground in locations where placing it underground would be inhibited by perma frost, or, where the potential for pipeline or environmental damage … Read More

Isle Of Man TT & TT3D Closer To The Edge

May 26, 2016By Phil Freeman

We heard the scream of the engine for three or four seconds before the bikes came into view. A man standing next to me said, “This must be a superbike.” A woman the other side of sixty responded, “No, that’s a sidecar.” The sidecar came into sight and I felt the roar in my chest. … Read More

The Oldest and Most Dangerous Motorcycle Race

May 26, 2016By Brenden Anders

It is said that the Isle of Man Tourist Trophy is the oldest and most dangerous motorcycle race. Spend 5 days on the Isle of Man and feel the excitement. We only take a group of 6 Riders. Be one of them! Friday, May 27th 2011 – Monday, Jun 6th 2011   Wonderful Wales Explore … Read More

Japan Culture How to take a Hot Spring Bath in Japan

May 26, 2016By Phil Freeman

Hot Springs are a big part of the Japanese culture. There are thousands of developed natural hot springs all over the country. We at MotoQuest would like to share with you how to take a hot springs (Onsen) bath in Japan. Our Japan Tours feature Hot Springs almost every night! Steps on How to take … Read More

Low Ceilings and Hot Water

May 20, 2016By Brenden Anders

2012 MotoQuest Japan Three Island Tour Low Ceilings and Hot Water If anything, Japan has plenty of the above! The riders started trickling in days ago. First the Australians, and then the rest. By last night, we had nearly the entire group assembled. Oregon, California, Florida, Texas, Alaska, South Africa, Australia, Canada and England were … Read More

2011 Iceland Scout

May 20, 2016By Brenden Anders

A couple of years ago, Rob called me up from Vancouver, Canada, and asked me if I did tours to Inuvik, in the Northern Territories of Canada. I said no, but would love to. And so, he flew into Anchorage and we rode together for a week as far north as possible in Canada and … Read More

Patagonia Picto Diary – End of the Earth Adventure 2011

May 20, 2016By Brenden Anders

Today begins a 14 day motorcycle trip into southern Chile and southern Argentina – Patagonia.  Today was an arrival day… no riding… but, we had a bit of a chance to check out our host town, Orsono, Chile. Above:  Cathedral of Saint Matthew on Plaza des Armas, Orsono. Orsono is located in what is known … Read More

What is a Scouting Trip?

May 20, 2016By Brenden Anders

I am glad you asked! During the Mexico scout trip in December 2012 five of our group (John (one of the ride leaders), Brian, Greg, Brandon and me) decided to take the path less travelled from Durango to Parral which entailed a 50+ mile leg on dirt roads through the mountains, while the main group … Read More

MotoQuest Bikes for Sale

May 20, 2016By Brenden Anders

inventory as of October 21st, 2013 ID Make Model Year Mileage Color Features Accessories Photos Price 3551 BMW R1200GS 2011 70,837 White ABS/Heated Grips Engine Guards Upper and Lower, Aluminum Skid Plate, Hand Guards, Luggage Racks, Headlight Guard Photos $10,999 1150 BMW R1200GS 2011 50,619 Black ABS/ESA/Heated Grip Engine Guards Upper and Lower, Aluminum Skid … Read More