Fall comes early to Alaska. When the northerly wind blows cool and clear at the end of August, roads start to empty, geese start to migrate, and fall colors paint the hillsides. A sprinkle of new snow starts to make its way down from the highest peaks and yes, the northern lights start to glow.

It’s at the end of August that we can enjoy riding during the day in moderate to warm temps and have a chance to see the sparkle of the mysterious aurora borealis mutely dance across the sky at night.

Check out this amazing video below showing the aurora in real time (many other videos you’ll find are sped up). This video really captures the magic of this natural light show.

Winter is on its way, but not before one last great hurrah! The last part of August and first week of September, is simply put, the most visually captivating time to ride Alaska.

I designed the Northern Lights Adventure because I wanted our guests to experience what I deem the top two places to visit in Alaska: the Denali Highway and Wrangell-St. Elias National Park.

The Denali Highway is 123 unpaved miles of open, wild and untamed natural wonder. The mighty Alaska Range provides the backdrop and is home to the tallest peak in North America, Denali.

Add to this a sojourn to McCarthy at the center of the largest National Park on the continent (and home to 9 of the 16 tallest peaks in North America) and you have one amazing motorcycle ride!

Our Alaska Northern Lights Adventure offers a little of everything: small towns like Talkeetna, McCarthy and Valdez; remote lodges like Majestic Valley Lodge or Clearwater Mountain Lodge along the Denali Highway; an epic ride through Thompson Pass.

This is also the only tour we offer that features a ride to the center of Wrangell-St. Elias. The fact that Alaskan bush pilots consider this to be the best area to fly in the state is testament enough to its grandeur.

Come with us on this extraordinary journey to experience these rustic yet grandiose portions of Alaska. These locations may linger along the quiet back roads, but they will stay at the front of your memories forever.

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