What happens when a couple of moto-journalists decide to ride the Baja Peninsula? They come to MotoQuest for advice, of course! That’s exactly what happened when Ari Henning and Zack Courts set their sights on Baja for an episode of their new show on MotorTrend called Throttle Out. We had worked with these two in the past, and so it was no surprise that they reached out for some guidance on riding in this motorcyclists dreamland.

We’ve watched the episode, and all we can say is that they sure did have themselves a good ol’ fashioned two wheeled adventure! Check out the trailer for the episode below, and consider subscribing to MotorTrend or signing up for a 14-day free trial to watch the episode in its entirety. Zack and Ari just might be the most entertaining motorcycling duo to watch, and this one does not disappoint.

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Images courtesy of MotorTrend