Hot Springs are a big part of the Japanese culture. There are thousands of developed natural hot springs all over the country. We at MotoQuest would like to share with you how to take a hot springs (Onsen) bath in Japan.
Our Japan Tours feature Hot Springs almost every night!

Steps on How to take a Hot Springs Bath in Japan (Onsen)

Click on the following Link to learn about Japanese Hot Springs Etiquette.


 Hot Springs = Onsen in Japanese

japan-three-island-tour-outdoor-hot-springThroughout its history, Japan has been intertwined with volcanoes and volcanic effects. Take a ride through Japan, and you will see steaming volcanoes everywhere. It’s “Ring of Fire” heritage has made bathing to be a major part of Japanese culture.

During our tours in Japan, we take advantage of this cultural delight every chance we can. Get used
to bathing every evening (and in the mornings!!) after a long ride. After the third night, we guarantee that you will become a Hot Springs convert.

Indeed, you will become addicted to this relaxing way to unwind after your day of riding in Japan!