The world’s oldest and most dangerous road race. That’s how it is described.

I was standing along a quaint and quiet country road on the Isle of Man, waiting anxiously for the first of the superbike racers to pass by. Birds were chirping, a cow mooed, a butterfly mutely fluttered by. Suddenly, off in the distance, a piercing, driven sound emerged. Thunderous as it approached, the superbike was upon us without time to react, the sound so intense you could feel it. The racer flew by at an incomprehensible rate.

My mind was wrapped up in that magical instant of speed, adrenaline, insanity, and velocity as the bike droned away with a dramatic Doppler effect. The sound caused my heart to race, and it took me a full minute to calm down. I was incredulous. And just as the vibrant crackle of the exhaust was out of earshot, you could hear another racer nearing. My heart jumped once again, this time in anticipation. All I wanted to do was experience that flash of chilling excitement again!

There is no equal to witnessing the Isle of Man TT Race in person. During the practice week the racers are setting course records. You ride the course during the day, pick out a nice spot along the way, and then watch the race from that vantage point in the afternoon. Out along the course you’re surrounded by a flood of race enthusiasts. You might even enjoy riding the Mountain Course section of the loop, which is a one way road without speed limits. Back in the paddocks you can walk right up and talk to the men and women that put their lives on the line in pursuit of glory. This is not just a bucket list item, it’s more than that.

Lynn Brown (left) and Simon Siggs (right) with an Isle of Man icon, Mike Vickers. This year will be Mike’s 50th consecutive year attending the Isle of Man TT!

The photos below are from the talented Simon Siggs, who, years ago, joined me in Alaska for his dream ride. Simon has teamed up with veteran lead guide Lynn Brown to take riders on our annual Isle of Man and Wales Adventure. Enjoy Lynn’s historical knowledge of this race and try to keep up with Simon’s razor sharp wit. Together they have led this trip for the past 7 years. Their favorite moment from each trip? Seeing the looks on the faces of their riders as they witness their first 200-mph fly-by.

Motorcyclists from around the globe make a pilgrimage to the Isle of Man each year. We have to make ferry and hotel arrangements a year in advance and limit the size of our group, and we now have just 2 spots left on this year’s trip. The deadline to sign up is February 26th.  Where will you be on May 29, 2017 when our group is loading onto a Liverpool ferry bound for Douglas, Isle of Man?

Phil Freeman
Founder, MotoQuest

Learn more about this trip

Learn more about this trip