“It is a legendary place, full of history. It makes you feel alive. If you haven’t been, go. The TT stirs the soul. If a bike and rider coming past you three feet from your face at 180mph down a hill on a public road doesn’t raise even a grin, you are already dead.”- David Miller

An Isle of Man TT attendee flashes that famous smile.

The Isle Of Man TT Races have been thrilling crowds since the first inaugural race took place back in 1907. Today, the Isle of Man TT Race draws people from all over the world, including MotoQuest riders on our Isle of Man and Wales Adventure. For those unfamiliar with the race, it is known as the most dangerous motorsport event in the world, tallying 146 deaths in its 110-year history. Sports Illustrated writer Franz Lidz once called the spectacle “38 Miles of Terror” and with bikes going up to 200mp, there’s no denying this race delivers excitement like no other race on the planet.

You cannot truly understand the capacity of this statement, however, unless you’ve experienced it firsthand. That’s why we are entrusting some of our former tour takers to give you their personal testimonials of the Isle of Man TT Race. Here is what they had to say about their experiences on the Isle Man and Wales Adventure!

“The Isle of Man proved to be a delight; a beautiful spot with very friendly people, an abundance of motorcycles and gear heads of every type imaginable. There were lots of roads and places to explore, and excellent accommodations. The route chosen had a good mix of scenery, twisty roads, museums and history, as well as higher speed sections.” -Jim C. 2017 Isle of Man tour participant.

A few friendly locals putting on a show for the crowd.


Beautiful views on a scenic ride.

“Watching the practice sessions in the evening was simply beyond words. A moment I’ll never forget!” -Jim C. 2017 Isle of Man tour participant.

“If you’re a motorcycle enthusiast, and you’ve never been to the Isle of Man for the TT event, it is a must-do! MotoQuest made it easy, and we had a fabulous time.” –  Bob T. 2017 Isle of Man

Tour guides Lynn Brown and Simon Siggs enjoying a pint with a fellow Isle of Man attendee.

“It is one thing to see it on YouTube, but being three feet away from a motorcycle going 150 MPH while having a pint is indescribable.” -Jim C. 2017 Isle of Man tour participant.

A pint and a front row seat!

“What a treat to ride the same course during the day and let the imagination run wild until someone blew by me like I was standing still!” -Jim C. 2017 Isle of Man tour participant.

Ride the actual Isle of Man TT race course.


The racing is electric!

“The pit area was also a pleasant surprise as everything and everyone was accessible and very approachable, it seemed much more like an extended party then a formal race setting!” -Jim C. 2017 Isle of Man tour participant.

Getting up close and personal in the pits with a TT racer.


A pit crew getting a bike ready to race.

“Our tour guide Lynn was calm, collective, and willing to change his plans based on the group desires. Great group of riders. We gelled and made friends for life!” – Dale VD. 2017 Isle of Man tour participant.

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