When you read the descriptions of MotoQuest tours, you’ll see a lot about the great roads, the amazing vistas and the incredible nature you’ll ride past. But MotoQuest tours are also about something much more personal: the camaraderie that comes from sharing such an unforgettable adventure. With Father’s Day on the horizon, we’re putting the focus on father and son team Alan and Tyson Kunovsky, who joined one of our tours to Alaska last year.

Here is a video of Alan during his Alaskan MotoQuest Adventure.

Alan and his son Tyson were looking for a challenging adventure that included off-road riding. Alaska had all the right ingredients, and the two set off in September of 2013.

Alan and Tyson have always enjoyed riding together, but their MotoQuest tour offered an entirely new way to bond over their shared love of motorcycles. By having all of the details taken care of for them, they could concentrate on having fun and taking it all in. “This was a truly wonderful experience. We were met at the airport and well taken care of throughout the entire trip. Everything was perfectly organized. The riding was amazing,” Alan says. And when it comes to the high point of the tour, Alan doesn’t name a certain trail or landscape. For him, it was about the chance to share something special with Tyson. Alan says the best part was “being together in this remote, beautiful landscape. It was a remarkable experience that has left both of us with fond memories.”

Here is a photo of the famous Dalton Highway.

MotoQuest | Dalton Highway | Alaska
Dalton Highway, Alaska

Here are photos of other Father-and-Son duos on a MotoQuest motorcycle adventure.

Father and Son riders on MotoQuest Adventure

Bill and Anthony on a MotoQuest guided motorcycle adventure.


Honeybadger_and_Son | MotoQuest American Southwest
Bob and Tim with fellow MotoQuester in the American Southwest | Photo by Jim Kohl


Father and Son rent motorcycles MotoQuest Alaska
Thomas and Cody rented motorcycles from MotoQuest in Alaska | Photo by Robyn Kocienski