Ecuador Motorcycle Adventure

2018 Dates: November 5 -17
2019 Dates: November 4 – 16
Over 25 years ago, I lived as a university exchange student in Quito, Ecuador for ten months. During that time, I criss-crossed the country by bus, discovering an unimaginable variety of climates and destinations while I was there. I always vowed to come back and explore it by motorcycle. Ecuador is the size of Colorado and hails as the most bio-diverse country on earth. No where else in the world can you experience such a wide range of climates and environs in such a condensed space as Ecuador.

I had the chance to return last year, during our scouting trip of this peaceful and scenic country. Here is what has changed. As an OPEC member, the infrastructure of Ecuador – its roads – are top rate! It uses the US Dollar as currency, and with just a 5-hour journey from Dallas or Atlanta, it is just around the corner! Where else can you go from beach to glaciers to Amazon in just two days of riding?! This country packs a big punch when it comes to experiencing an exotic, safe country full of biodiversity and cultural diversity. In just 12 days of riding, you will have ridden cloud forests, along beaches, past the tallest volcano at the equator and through the Amazon…riding Ecuador is riding the world! Come join us on this fantastic adventure!
In the hotel pool with a cold drink at sunset. What better way to end the day?
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