I was guiding a motorcycle tour through Japan during our Japan Three Island Tour one year when I stumbled upon an astonishing fact. Of the 16 people on the trip — which was made up of primarily couples from 6 different countries — 12 of the participants from this group were in marriages of 40 years or more! Where in the world will you meet this demographic!? Perhaps the motorcycle is not only good for the soul, but also good for the heart!

We offer all sorts of rides all over the world. Some of them are tailored for the ultra-adventurous spirit, who wants to get challenged on two wheels, like our Alaska Backcountry Adventure or our India Touch the Sky Adventure. But our most popular rides tend to be those that attract couples either riding two-up or on their own bikes.


Of the rides we offer, I would have to say our most popular couples rides are the Japan Three Island Tour, the Peru Machu Picchu Adventure, and the Best of Alaska Adventure. I would add to this that both our Romaniacs Experience and our Best of Baja were designed with couples in mind, and our Pacific Coast Highway trip is fantastic as well.


I get a lot of joy out of watching people share an incredible experience. I marvel at the courageous and adventurous spirit motorcyclists have, to explore another country by two wheels. Anyone can travel by bus, but what about being out there, in the elements?


If you are thinking about joining a tour with your loved one, and have any questions about a particular trip, don’t hesitate to contact me. Our rides focus on safety, fun and education. If you want to share this with your travel partner, then let’s go! I hope to see you out there!