It’s snowing here today in Alaska, and I can’t help but daydream about the warm rays of sunshine and carefree vibes of Baja. I’m sure that the desire to ride through the deserts and sit on the beaches will only increase as the snow begins to pile up and the daylight hours shorten…

That's right, it's already snowing here in Alaska.
That’s right, it’s already snowing here in Alaska.

One of the most important aspects of joining a MotoQuest guided adventure (like our Baja Northbound Adventure in February) is the sense of security and peace of mind knowing that all the details are covered, leaving you to do nothing but enjoy yourself, the company of your fellow riders, and the beautiful place that you’re in. We take care of all the planning, the bikes are insured, and we even include enrollment in Global Rescue as part of every guided tour package.

Guided MotoQuest Trips to Baja:
Best of Baja Southbound  |  Sold Out!
Best of Baja Northbound  |  February 16-25, 2017

What many people don’t realize is that we strive to provide this same peace of mind for our rental customers as well. Since our four rental shops are located in the United States, we are always happy to help riders plan their trips, and in most cases our riders can simply pick up their bike and embark on their adventure.

Now THIS is how I want to spend a week of my winter!
Now THIS is how I want to spend a week of my winter!

You may have heard or read that we allow our rental customers to ride into Baja, Mexico. That’s right! When you arrange for a rental bike, just tell us that you’ll be heading south for the border and we’ll not only help you prepare for your trip, but we’ll even set up the insurance so the bike will be covered in both the United States and in Mexico!

Roadside assistance is also included when you venture into Baja! This service includes 100 miles of towing, basic tire repair and fluid delivery. You never know what might happen on the road, but at least with MotoQuest you’ll know that your bases are covered.

There’s no better way to jump in to the relaxed Baja lifestyle than by motorcycle! If this is all shaping up to sound like the perfect winter retreat, then visit our website for info on rentals or Baja tours, or get in touch with a MotoQuest agent.